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Hi Everyone, Did you notice I was missing yesterday? Work has been kicking my butt this week and our hosting server has decided to act up too, oh well C’est la vie. So today it’s just a quick post of all the random things I’ve been loving lately. Oh the possibilities! Can’t wait to try a few of these ideas out. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

My Inspiration this Week 1-1

1. DIY Tufted Headboard from Jenny at Little Green Notebook. These DIY tufted headboards have been floating around for a while now, Jenny does a great job as always with her tutorials and her idea to use pegboard is brilliant.

2. Magic Decal Transfer Tutorial from Kristine at The Painted Hive. Have you ever heard of waterslide paper? I sure hadn’t. This stuff is awesome and it has me thing of so many things to add decals to, it’s sheer brilliance.

3. Clothbound Books. These gorgeous clothbound books from CB-Smith of your favorite classics are just gorgeous . You can even buy then here on Amazon for around $12.00 a book although it varies a little by title. That’s a lot of style for a little investment you could make over time and maybe even get some “edumacation” in the process ;). They get bonus points for that in my eyes.

4. Gilded Chair from Brittany at Brittany Makes. This gilded chair is fantabulous I tell you, it even has me working on a cute gilded project of my very own.

My Inspiration this Week 2-2

5. Vertical Succulent Garden from Flora Grubb Gardens. I’m in love with succulents lately because they’re easy to take care of and look fabulous too. These DIY panels for the vertical garden are so cool, and they even wrote a blog post with everything you need to know to plan your own wall garden.

6. Letterpress Inspired Kids Table from Rebekah at Wild Ink Press. This kids table idea may be just the inspiration I needed. I’ve been on the lookout for a little table for Nik to play on to try and help discourage him from driving cars all over the furniture. and have come up short. I love that she took a pre-made table and made it her own. Love It!

7. Mirrored Closet Doors from BHG. As our master bedroom makeover keeps steaming along I’m looking towards our next steps. I’m loving these mirrored closet doors for their style, practicality for getting dressed in the morning and their reflective quality. Simply gorgeous!

8. Recycled Paper Basket from Design Sponge. The Design Sponge creative team has done it again to bring you a really cool DIY project from recycled paper packaging. Who knew wads of paper could look this cool. While I might not use paper to recreate this project it does have my wheels turning for all of the things you could use to make and fun and functional woven basket of my own.

Anyway I’m off for the day, hope you’ve enjoyed my picks this week!

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