Restyling the Bookcases



I hope everyone had a great weekend. Ours was fun and too short as always!

As promised I’m back finally with pics of our tweaked bookcases, and guess what…they have books on them, lots of them. I’m digging the cute little seating area we’ve got going on now in our bedroom, in between the bookcases. You can sit down grab a book and chillax, all in the little corner of our room.

P1150585 copy

Bryan usually makes fun of me because we have more “stuff” on the shelves then books. But not this time. All our hardcover and paperback books are living happily together in one spot. Who says all your books have to be great looking hardcover books to look great out in the open, not this girl. Right now my trashy beach reads are living at home with Bronte and Hardy, comingling nicely together.


Below is where we left off last time.  The bookcases weren’t looking terrible before but it was about time I switched up what was on them, moved some stuff around and took the rest of our books that were collecting dust up in the attic and placed them on shelves where they belong.


Of course there was A LOT of mess making before I got it all back together. Whenever I want to completely change something around I take everything completely down off the shelves and start from scratch. I’ve always found that if I don’t do this a couple things happen. I will get bored/distracted br something shiny and never finish or it ends up looking very similar to where I started. Taking everything down gives me a chance at a clean slate and not to mention a chance to get at all those dust bunnies that tend to accumulate in every nook and cranny.


Of course it doesn’t come without a down side, that being the giant mess of books and stuff everywhere.


One I had everything off the shelves I loosely sorted out the books by subject and started placing everything back on the shelves, then standing back and looking, placing some more things on the shelves and stepping back again.


Eventually I got it the way I was mostly happy with it left it alone for a while then came back and tweaked again over the next few days.


Now most of my summer reads are at home on the shelf above our collection of vintage Popular Mechanics Do-It-Yourself library from Bryan’s Dad. All My Home Decorating Books now live on the top shelf. Along with our brass fish.P1150540

Admittedly I’ve also amassed quite the collection of James Patterson Books on the top shelf. All our beach tags from summers past live in the vase along with some found beach glass.


Bryan’s collection of survival type zombie books hang out on the bottom shelf.


I think I’ll sit down grab a book and a cup of coffee and stay awhile.

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  • Samantha

    Good job on the bookcase styling! Something I can just never get right!! I just love how your room is coming together.

    • Maria

      Thanks Samantha, It’s usually trial and error for me…as in lots of trying it out and lots of errors. But usually I find if I keep at it eventually it comes together. Also surprisingly taking pictures for the old blog have helped a lot. For some reason you can see gaps and holes in the shelves in images that you just cant see in person.

  • dee dee

    Looks like you found the perfect mix! the shelves look great!
    Dee Dee

  • laurie

    Styling bookshelves can be so trying and frustrating! I don’t know why, but I’m forever fluffing around with mine because I don’t like to see them cluttered….even though they’re full of books! lol! Go figure. hehehe! But you did a great job with yours. They look organized and stylish, too!

    xoxo laurie

  • Jenna

    Maybe this is a dumb question, but what’s a beach tag?  I love your bookshelves… my books currently live in two bankers boxes in our office until I decide it’s finally time to pull the trigger and get some grown up bookcases.  First time visitor from Thrifty Decor Chick!

    • OurLakeLife

      Thanks Jenna, My husband and his father actually built them so they’re really special.

      So in NJ beach tags are like day passes to the beach. You have to purchase them when you walk on. Each beach does them differently but the beach we often go to has colorful plastic tags they give you. I’ve been collecting them for years and they accumulate as a little reminder of our days spent on the beach .

      Thanks for stopping by.

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