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Hi everyone I love Fridays (possibly even more than I love Saturdays) They’re always filled with so much potential 2 days of gloriousness all to yourself.

I mentioned yesterday that I went on a shopping adventure to Ikea where I happened to find some great Kitchen Inspiration. But my actual purpose was to go browse and buy some frames to disguise that big black box of a TV we have on the wall. I came home with a bunch of the Ribba Frames to hang around the TV gallery wall style.


The Plan is to put them on this yawn inducing wall in our on-going Master Bedroom Makeover. This picture was taken just before we hung the curtains and restyled the bookshelves. The whole room has come a long way since that point but the TV wall still leaves much to be desired in the style department. I love snuggling up and watching TV in the Bedroom but what I don’t love is it hanging out in the middle of nowhere on the wall looking all sad and lonely.

So while I’m getting all set to do some hanging I thought I share some of the great TV disappearing acts I’ve seen lately.

This wall gallery is so fun and pretty. Set on the white wall the art draws your attention and the TV disappears into the display.

image via

This is another pretty although more subdued version of a gallery wall in a master bedroom. The framing around the TV makes it more art then function.

1512 Dolphin Terrace traditional bedroom
I’ve always loved a bold black wall. The glossy black frames match the glossy frame of the TV. You can barely tell what’s the art and what’s the TV.

1873-1304736134 via

Another cool idea is to add a larger framed boxing out the TV. The colors chosen are also cool and fresh. Fells like a burst of Springtime to me.



Another great example of Art taking the center stage. The TV is not hung on the wall but placed on a console table. You actually see all the component boxes underneath the table but somehow they’re less offensive looking when you have all that pretty art to focus on.

Kim Johnson- art eclectic hall


Here’s another great example of a gallery wall behind the TV. The mixture of frames and canvas bring an eclectic feel up onto the walls integrating the whole rooms style and taking the focus off the TV. 

Country Club Living Room eclectic living room


So what do you all have planned for the weekend. any gallery wall picture frame hanging in your future? I’m hoping to get it all done this weekend.

Wish me Luck!

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  • dee dee

    Oh great ideas! Can’t wait to see what you do in your room!
    Dee Dee

  • Syndi @ Beachnut Lane

    What a great idea. I like picture #4. The one with the dark wall. The frames all have the same black frame as the tv and this seems to make them balance better with the tv. Your room looks great, by the way, I am getting lots of ideas from you!

    • Maria

      Thanks Syndi, I loooved that one too when I saw it, makes me want to paint a wall black. Which I’ve always secretly wanted to do anyway 🙂

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