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If you follow us on Facebook you know that I had my eye on some Bamboo Matchstick shades from Home Depot to change out the mismatched shades we had in our bedroom. What was on the windows before? Well it was a mismatched combination of plastic roller shades from the previous owner and white faux wood blinds I had from an old bedroom. I love white blinds in general but once we painted the bedroom out a nice bright color I was feeling that the blinds were getting lost in the sea of neutrals, more contrast was in order.

P1150180For a long time I’ve been dying to add wood toned roman shades. I liked the idea of bridging the gap between the curtain panels with some darker tones to balance out all of the neutrals shades we introduced into the room since painting out the original green paint.

I saw these Providence Bamboo Roman shades in Home Depot a few months back and I loved them. Besides the fact that they looked great in person they were the perfect dark wood tone to go with our dark bookcases that flank the window on one wall. and they were not too expensive. Honestly I’m not up for spending hundreds of dollars on shades, even if it was in the budget it’s just not my thing.

P1160257-1 copy

The old plastic roller shades split the window in between the bookshelves in two. I had to order the larger size to fit the window from Home Depot’s website because they didn’t carry the wide 51 inches shade we needed to span both windows in the store. I’m so happy I did this one larger shade helps to make the window larger and the wood tones just like I had imagined tie nicely together with the tones of the bookshelves. I love it when a plan comes together!

P1160290 copy

Another bonus has been the room darkening quality of these shades. It’s noticeably darker in the morning time now which is nice since the window over the bed faces almost directly east. Can you say hello daylight at 5:00 am. I’m really impressed with them. Oh and as for privacy, Bryan was worried you might be able to see through the slightly open weave of the shade.  Bryan went outside the other night to check them out and everything is acceptable on that front too. Although the do sell fabric privacy inserts here that attach to the side of the shade that faces the street adding privacy and energy efficiency to the total package which might be a nice feature to buy down the road.

P1160277 copy

Oh and did you notice? While we were on a roll I got around to hanging those 4 frames I recently changed up with some Rub n’ Buff. I’m sort of loving them on that once formerly blank wall.  They tie in reference nicely the colors and designs from the pillows without being all to matchy about it.

P1160279 copy

I painted those looong before I picked out the Braemore Wonderland Pearl Fabric for the pillows. I’ve always been drawn to bright colors and I tend to paint in those colors ALL THE TIME!

P1160311 copy

As for those closet doors, I’m not loving the same repeating of panels with the 4 hanging frames but that will all change as them as we have big plans for them. We’re most likely going to change out the bi-fold doors out for French closet doors and do some sort of mirrors and molding treatment as well. I can’t wait to get started on that project!

This room has come a long way baby from the beginning.

image And now we’re moving into the home stretch.



Side note: There is that lamp on the dresser that is causing my internal lamp debate. Notice the price tag still attached? I can’t decide if it’s too tall!!

Well I’m off for the weekend, I got the fabric to recover the torn orange chairs under the window from EBay. It arrived and I’m so excited to get tearing that fabric off. Although I have grown somewhat fond of the pop of color over there. Wish me luck and I’ll be back with a progress on Monday!

Psst if you want all of the posts leading up to our bedroom transformation click here

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  • CherylM.

    Love your shades, but I think the lamp is too tall for that area. 🙁

    • Maria

      Thanks Cheryl, yeah I love the shades too. The lamp I think you’re right. Looks like I’ll be going to the store again. Lol

  • dee dee

    Your room is looking fantastic! The frames around the TV, the bright paintings on the wall, wonderful new shades…. Love it all! Can’t wait to see the fabric you got for the chairs!
    dee dee

    • Maria

      Thanks Dee Dee! I’m really loving the way it’s turning out. I’m anxious to get those chairs recovered too. It’s not going to be nearly as bold as the orange they are now.

  • Samantha

    All of the small changes you are making to the room are really adding up to making it a spectacular space!

  • dee dee

    we love our potfiller…. at first we decided to put one in because water had been run to the wall sometime before, however all the old plumbing was torn out of the home prior to the new stuff going in, but we put one in anyway. We use it all the time! I can see why you want one on your wish list. I was amazed at how expensive they are, but found ours for a great price off the internet!
    dee dee

  • Terra Louvier

    I’m in love with this room.  I have a huge picture window in my room and have often wanted to put my bed in front of it, but my bed has a very large headboard and I’m afraid that it would take away from the view outside.  Not that there’s much of a view, but I like to open the curtains to let the sunshine in.  I love your curtains as well.  I’ve been looking at some from Pier 1 for some time now.  Just hadn’t had the chance to splurge yet.

    • OurLakeLife

      Thank you, the room has come a long way see we first started. I was worried about putting the bed in front of the window but I wasn’t happy with it anywhere else in the room so I just decided to embrace it. We’re looking to do a headboard next. I’m thinking something upholstered. hopefully soon! 🙂

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