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Because it’s Wednesday and because it’s Leap Year Day and because I continue to wait for the stain and sealer to dry on the legs of my chair! I’ve been wasting time looking for all sorts of inspiration once the temperatures warm up and our focus around here shifts from indoor decorating to outdoor gardening.

It’s no secret that I’m in love with the water and waterfront homes. Since we bought our home on the lake I’ve been drawn more and more to beautiful images of homes stretched on perfectly manicure gardens within steps of the water. Whether it be a lake, river or ocean each body of water brings it’s own feel to the space, drawing you nearer.

As spring inches closer and we head into the time of year where we spend more time outdoors. Our indoor projects at our lake house begin to take a back seat to outdoor ones. The call of the promise of colorful flowers and the sounds of boats whizzing by beg me to go outside. This year I’ve been rounding up some of my favorite waterfront spaces to lend some inspiration to our own yard projects.

Ferguson traditional exterior

I think this is what my dream home would look like. The traditional exterior combined with the soft grays and blue blend perfectly with the outdoor space. The meandering pathway to the lake beyond is just asking for you to take an afternoon stroll, sit on the dock and dangle your feet into the cooling waters below.

Coastal Garden Design traditional landscape


The lush landscape in this yard is lovely, a combination of the green plantings, paths of grass and trees that frame the view, drawing you in and asking you to stay.

Wrap Around Porch traditional exterior

This Maine home’s wrap around porch has not only gorgeous views but the classic sandy color scheme of the home and the comfy wicker furniture are begging for a cup of afternoon tea and a great book.

Exterior Photos traditional landscape

This backyard set on a lake in the evening with a roaring fire to keep the chill away is the perfect spot for roasting marshmallows as summer begins to draw to a close.

Gary Hutton Lagoon House contemporary exterior

I’m in love with the idea of having a wooden platform extending just over the water it’s like having your own personal boardwalk set out right in your backyard.

Hudson River View Garden traditional landscape

This perennial garden with natural stone steps overlooking the Hudson River is so pretty. I can’t even get over the before picture in the bottom right corner. Amazing what landscaping can do.

Hawaii Residence - Porch tropical porch

I plan on packing my suitcases and staying a while on this Hawaiian home’s porch. Palm trees and the ocean, what more could you ask for? No extraordinary landscaping is needed, the view is simply enough.

Benvenuti and Stein contemporary patio

The stone patio on in Chicago overlooking the lake would be a wonderful spot for brunch. Again the blues and grays compliment the colors of the water nature creating a serene and calming atmosphere.

beach vintage traditional landscape

A simple park bench on the water in Australia nestled under a tree is the perfect spot for taking in the views.

beach vintage eclectic patioAll images via Houzz click on the image for more info

This beach patio again in Australia is home to a lovely gray weathered deck.  A relaxed and calming way to end the day.

I’m so inspired to get outside and begin spring time. So let play which was your favorite part? I’m loving the first home and the home with their very own personal boardwalk so lovely and inspiring.

Soon I’ll share pictures of our own piece of lakefront and all the big plans we have to make it a backyard retreat this summer. Until then it’s off to work for me 😉

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