Spring Cleaning the Lake



Hi everyone, hope you had a great weekend. The temperature around here are taking a turn for the warmer. On Sunday we had beautiful weather for getting out and enjoying the sunshine. The warmer days combined with longer nights thanks to Daylight Savings time now in full effect have made me especially anxious to get outside.

Spring Cleaning LakeStyle

With the lake still low enough from the Winter drawdown to be able to walk around in waders, Bryan took the time to go do some spring cleaning of the lake variety. We have a rubble dock at the corner of our property. A rubble docks means the wood platform sits on top of rocks and stone to hold it out of the water versus other kinds of docks which are held up by wooden pylons that are pounded deep into the ground. 

Each year tons of vegetation, sediment, fallen leaves and general muckiness get stuck right in that cove where he’s standing. It’s not absolutely necessary to take some of it out but it certainly makes for a nicer area come summer time.

Fixing the stones

My Dad also got in on the act by fixing some of the rocks that had fallen over the winter and removing some dirt and debris that was partially blocking the road drainage pipe nestled in the corner.

I probably haven’t mentioned it in a while but for those of you who are new around here. Our whole house is actually a complete Mother/Daughter arrangement, we have 2 kitchens and everything. We’re not considered a two family house due to an interior access door that connects the upstairs and downstairs living areas.

We love the arrangement and as the summer approaches you’ll be seeing more and more of my parents around who are always up for a good outdoor project. I like to think of them as the original project people around here, I think I get all of DIY skills from them as they built multiple houses as we grew up. It’s in my blood and as most people were watching cartoons on a Saturday morning we would sit down and watch This Old House that is of course when we weren’t outside doing projects.

Mom Dad and Nik digging

Bryan’s no stranger to a DIY family either. His father built two complete houses from the ground up and now tinkers in the garage and builds furniture in his spare time. It’s in the gene pool I tell you! Of course we put Nikolas to work every chance we get and so the DIY cycle continues.


But back to our projects, we also got a healthy amount of some rich top-soil delivered as the next step in the continuing saga of our yard makeover. We’ll start to work on that soon as the temperature continue to rise.


We plan to use a lot of it in front of the pool to create some garden beds. We hope it will help camouflage the large tin can sticking out from the ground. I’m thinking some cutting flowers, tall flow grasses and few bushes thrown in for good measure. It should be good.


All in all it was a pretty good an productive weekend here on the lake. We had some fun outside, got our hands dirty…. some maybe dirtier than others.


We brought out pale selves out into the sunshine.

Maria and Bryan

And watch the the first boats of the year come out to fish.


So how was your weekend? Are the temperatures rising where you are? Did you get a chance to go outside?

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  • Bernhardt

    I love your lake side property!  I can imagine that it involves work (but it just has to be worth it all!
    Simply beautiful!
    dee dee

    • OurLakeLife

      HI Dee Dee, Yes sometimes it is work, but isn’t everything? It’s definitely worth it to us. We wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂

  • Beth Lewallen

    I’ve been reading your blog for awhile and am totally hooked.  While I love my home and life in Phoenix, AZ, I’ve always dreamed of life on a lake – thank you for sharing your life so I can live vicariously through you!

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