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I made an impulse purchase the other day from Pottery Barn. This cool striped outdoor rug was calling my name. It was on sale and I had a rewards certificate and a coupon burning a whole in my pocket… so in the cart it went. It’s on schedule to arrive today so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I love it.


We have a lesser seen deck area that I don’t think I’ve shared very much of, which is funny because we spend so much time out here. If you seen some of the overview shots of the yard on other posts chances are that I was standing out here snapping pics. This deck is the main outdoor area leading directly off of the living room and kitchen. We use it almost all day everyday when it’s nice outside and sometimes even when it’s not so nice, it’s really an extension of our living space.  But it’s been looking a little sad lately with the peeling paint and general underwhelming atmosphere. I’m actually secretly happy that the paint peeled though. I wasn’t very fond of the color it was beforehand anyway. It’s just the perfect excuse to freshen it up a bit.  This place sees alot of action in the summer months so I’d like it to be more inviting.

Deck 1

We’ve been reluctant to do any work on the deck because we know somewhere in the future we plan to add a small addition where the deck stands now and rebuild a new one beyond the addition. I’m getting tired of the blah looking space though and plan on freshening it up a bit with some paint, elbow grease and some accessories we can reuse in the new deck space when that time comes.

We’ve been biding our time and are going to work with what we have. Including the inherited outdoor furniture from the previous owners that we plan on making it work in the space for now. It’s still in winter mode without any cushions.


You can see a shot of the deck from down below, see how massive that deck is to paint. Yeah not a fun job for something we plan to change up some day hopefully soon. I’m also not set on a paint color yet, kind of at a loss what to do. Painting the railings white might change up the look a lot.

Also for the space, I picked up some of the cute terra cotta pots while I was at Home Goods the other day.

Flower Pots from Home Goods

I think the largest one was $19 and the others went down from there in price. In my mind they were a bargain so home they came. I’m excited to fill them with some flowers and bring a little life to the deck.

Deck 2

So that’s all for now, anyone else have any spaces they can’t wait to change up. Are you biding your time working with what you have? Have you made any impulse purchases?

Well I’m off for the day. Hopefully this beautiful weather we’ve been having holds out for just a while longer.

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