Buyer’s Remorse



This is the story of an impulse purchase gone wrong. Remember when I mentioned that I had an impulse buy and ordered an outdoor rug for our rarely seen but often used deck? Well it arrived last week and while the quality of the rug was really nice I wasn’t entirely happy with the color combination once I had it laid out in the space.

Outdoor Rug

I’ve been contemplating purchasing an outdoor rug for a while now. The deck is serious need of a paint job, but let’s just ignore that fact for now. I think an outdoor rug would go a long way to add some fun color, define the seating area and help us with an overall direction for sprucing up this space. Kind of like when I used the curtain fabric from our bedroom makeover to inspire the rest of the space an outdoor rug could potentially do the same here.

So picture me rolling out the rug, standing back… looking… thinking…trying to convince myself I liked it. Then I took a picture with my iphone to get a second opinion. I text Bryan. The conversation went something like this.

“I got the rug, so what do you think?”

“Looks nice, How is it to walk on?”

“Soft feels like a thin version of an indoor rug. What do you think about the colors? Does it look like we’re going to have a Fiesta themed party?”

“Yes it does, but it’ll look ton better when the deck is painted and doesn’t look so trashy looking.”

Deck 2

I think the agreement about the Fiesta theme given that wasn’t what I was going for sealed the rug’s fate for a return. Later Bryan confessed he didn’t like it but was being nice about my choice. He’s become a wise man when dealing with a wife trying to decorate.

Outdoor Deck

A good thing that’s come out of the whole rug debacle is having a clearer sense of what I’m looking for. This time I want  to base the whole area on some garden pots I purchased, watery blues, greens and sandy tones will lend themselves nicely to the view and relaxed beach feel that I think this deck needs.

This space gets some serious sun and adding cool colors to a sunny spaces is like a refreshing glass of lemonade on a hot summer’s afternoon. The colors will help to visually cool down the hot rays of the sun in the summer time.

Outdoor Pots

So that’s where we are with the progress, a big old fat nothing but the planning has just begun. To start we’re thinking we need to do things like:

  • Sand and paint/stain the deck floor
  • Add a new and improved outdoor rug
  • Spruce up the outdoor current outdoor furniture for now with some plans to buy new stuff later
  • Improved outdoor lighting
  • Color through plants in the pots
  • Add some planters to the railings
  • DIY some sort of privacy screening
  • Build a “man” grilling station to give the grill a built in feel
  • Relocate the accumulated baby toys

So that’s the plan for now, Anyone else having buyers remorse lately? Have you purchased something only to later decide you were totally wrong. I guess it’s back to the drawing board for now. 🙂

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