New Art for the Bedroom and an Announcement



A few weekends ago I was inspired to paint a new piece of art. I’ve been loving calming greens and blue of landscape scenes near the ocean. I broke out some canvas and painted a seaside marsh scene. It took me a few days to paint but I’m loving it.

Marsh Painting by Maria Sadowski

I bought a frame and hung it in the bedroom, on my side of the bed. The frame coordinates nicely with my gold rub n buff frames. The colors in the painting also reference back to the greens and blues in the ikat fabric I used for the curtains.

Marsh Painting by Maria Sadowski 2

On Bryan’s side of the bed I added a frame print I found in the clearance bin of Home Goods years ago. It still remains one of my favorite purchases of all time. It’s such a versatile piece. I love oversized mats and architectural prints. The wood toned frame keeps his side grounded and correlates with the dark bookshelves.

Bedroom Artwork

I’m a big fan of mixing my art pieces throughout my home with other store bought pieces. It really makes the space seem personal and unique to us. I’ve always admired art of all kinds and even have a whole board on Pinterest dedicated to artwork I love.

I paint fairly often, my home is littered with random pieces of art. I’ll share some more of them soon, but what I really want is to paint more. So to kick myself into high gear I’m planning to open up a shop on this blog in the next few weeks. As I have art to sell I’ll add it to the shop and I have a few paintings in mind already. I’ve been thinking about this for some time and I think I’m just going to dive in and do it. I’ve announced it now so I have to do it right 😉

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  • Glodwhite

    I just posted a pic of one of my paintings yesterday. It has been years since I painted and I am itching to get back into it and make some artwork for my living room.  Good luck with selling your work, I think its a great idea! ( Maria, This is Syndi from Beachnut Lane. I don’t know why my email address came up in the heading instead of my blogger address…blogger has been acting weird lately!)

    • OurLakeLife

      Thanks Syndi, I saw your art and I loved it. It’s always scary to show your art in public. At least for me anyway. Thanks for your words of encouragement.

  • Bernhardt

    Ohhhh I love your painting!  From one fellow artist to another…  your work is fantastic!
    dee dee

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