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Thanks to Miss Mustard Seed for featuring my chair upholstery project we have quite a few new visitors today. Hello new visitors, thanks for stopping by, we’re so happy to have you. I’ve been getting quite a few questions about the source list for all the things in our Master Bedroom, I love hearing all the comments but it made me think that I should put it all into one post so that it’s easy to find a reference to, so be on the lookout for that later this week.

For now though let’s take it outside. I’ve had my sights set on fixing up our deck for a while now. A couple of weeks ago I shared an impulse buy gone wrong when I purchased an outdoor rug on a whim that I wasn’t really happy with. After himming and hawing, waffling back and forth, trying to decide if I should go ahead and keep it. I decided returning it was the best thing. I’m taking my own advice and not trying to work around something I don’t love, especially when I can just return it.


After looking around for a little while for a suitable but totally different replacement I decided to go with Pottery Barn’s Corded Stripe Rug, It has more of the beachy feel with the blue and beige stripes that I’m looking for.

Deck Redesign-1

It came the other day, I almost accosted our UPS driver I was so excited to get it. I quickly rolled it out and I can’t tell you how much I’m loving it. It’s surprising how something small can go a long way to making an outdoor space feel refreshed even when there is still a million more things to do to take this deck from blah to beautiful.

Although this little update is just the beginning of a few more updates we have planned this summer for our little outdoor oasis. We have Bryan’s 30th birthday party planned and it’s just the right amount of oomph we need to get things rolling.

The addition of the rug will probably be the most expensive item we purchase for this space but we’re hoping it’ll last a long while, though some day we hope to add an addition in this spot and rebuild a deck just passed it we think it’ll work just as well in a new space down the road as it does in this one.

So for now we have a few quick and easy things planned to spruce it up out outdoor space.


It’s a pretty large space at around 12’ x 24’, we spend a lot of time out here during the spring, summer and fall months. You can’t beat the view form here and it’s a great space for entertaining.

Deck Redesign

As you can see it’s sorely in need of a paint job to spruce the whole thing up. Over the last two plus years of living here about 95% of the paint has peeled off the deck leaving gray splintery wood behind. In short it’s looking a bit tired a worn. Now that we have the new rug it’s planted a seed in our brains to do a few things like.

  • Paint/stain the deck floor
  • Paint/stain the railings and balusters
  • Spray paint the furniture a nice gray color (I started to paint it black last summer and fell of the wagon some how)
  • Recover the cushions in a fun outdoor fabric
  • Add potted plants
  • Give the whole thing a general spring cleaning
  • Other random things that strike my fancy as we move along

So that’s the plan I even put together some of the things we’re thinking of adding.


Deck Redesign

First we’re thinking of staining the deck floor and rails a soft gray color like Pashmina by Benjamin Moore and the balusters will probably be painted out white.. If it was new I would probably have chosen a wood tone but since the wood is getting old and splintery we’re going to cover it up with a new solid stain.

To tie everything together I want to paint the resin wicker chairs gray similar to the ones pictured I found from Joss and Main, a little bit darker than the floors to add just a touch of contrast. You can see in the photos above my failed attempt at painting them black last year. I neglected to use primer some some of the paint chipped off. We’ll do it right this time though and let you know how it holds up.

The rug is from Pottery Barn as I mentioned above, it’s really going to be the jumping off point for the rest of the color scheme. I’ll also recover the the existing cushions with some new new fabric from here and here.

Of course nothing is ever set in stone around here so I may change my mind 1 or even 100 times before it’s all put together. But here’s a secret, we already started staining the deck. We’re just impatiently waiting for it to dry the recommended 48 hours before we walk on it. Then I’ll be back to share how it’s coming along.

In the meantime how was everyone’s weekend? We’re you covered in paint? Or did you do something a touch more relaxing, spill the beans.

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