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Homemade Fresh Brewed Ice Tea



Fresh Brewed Ice Tea 1

Fresh Brewed ice tea is one of my favorite the summertime traditions. It classic, easy and just plain old delicious and refreshing. Throughout most of my childhood I remember jars of tea brewing in the hot summer sun. To this day if you look in my mother’s refrigerator you’ll find a fresh brewed pitcher of ice tea waiting for you.

Fresh Brewed Ice Tea 2

We don’t brew ice tea in the summer sun anymore, but we have perfected the ultimate quick and easy method for brewing your own homemade fresh ice tea.  Here’s how:

Bring 2 cups of water to a boil
Add 6 to 8 tea bags to the boiling water
Add 1/2 cup white sugar (more or less to taste)
Let simmer on the stove for a few minute till the sugar is completely dissolved
Pour concentrated mixture into a pitcher, fill with cold water to the top
Pour over Ice and Garnish with a few fresh slices of lemon or raspberries

Fresh Brewed Ice Tea

The best thing about ice tea is just how simple it is to make and enjoy.

Fresh Brewed Ice Tea 3 

Here’s to hot summer days and cool refreshing drinks.

Lake Photography



Memorial Weekend 1

Memorial Weekend 15

On Friday afternoon we went for the first boat ride of the year…at the end of the day when the boat had been launched into the water Bryan grabbed Nikolas and I snagged the camera and we set off for an evening ride.

Memorial Weekend 4

This time I wanted to capture bits and pieces of the life we have the privilege of seeing everyday in our house by the lake. The pieces that are often rushed through as we race from one spot to the next, speeding along, wind in our face.

Memorial Weekend 8

It was a beautiful evening, the water was in all it’s sapphire blue glory.

Memorial Weekend 12

As the sun began to go down and lifeguard towers were unattended..

Memorial Weekend 5

…we floated home, looking forward to tomorrow and another day on the lake 🙂


Let me know if you enjoy seeing pieces of our lake?

Adding Potted Flowers to the Deck



Deck Flowers 7

Well hello everyone,

Did you all have a great memorial weekend? Ours was wonderful, it included lots of boating, BBQs and all around family fun. I took lots of pictures and will share some of what Memorial weekend is like on the lake in a post later this week.

Aside from the tremendous amounts of boating that took place we also got around to potting some flowers for the deck to bring in some summer color. The deck has already come a long way since we painted the floor, added new cushions and painted out the wicker furniture but in my mind it it would never be close to complete without adding potted plants.  Of course we still need to paint the balusters, we just need to figure out what color we’re going to paint them first 😉

Deck Cushions

Potted plants add a touch of softness to all the hard lines of the deck and furniture.  The plants bring the whole thing together and make it feel more lived in and less sparse.

Deck Flowers 7

Back in the early spring I purchased a few pots from Home Goods, for a great price, each pot was under $20 with the smaller ones being around $10, unfortunately they didn’t have any holes in the bottom. That was easily fixed with a drill and a special masonry drill bit. Terra cotta is really soft and the drill made quick work of the holes adding drainage to those pots. No one likes a soupy mess in their flower pots, especially the flowers.

Deck Flowers 2

Our deck is super sunny so I chose flowers and that can take a good amount of sun and heat. Gerber Daisies happen to be one of my favorites and can also take a good amount of sun provided they’re well hydrated.  A few Vincas were also added in the larger pot to round it out.

Deck Flowers 6

Geraniums and few more Vincas found a home on our new tabletop we built . The lantern Bryan picked up from Target for me and it holds a citronella votive to help keep the mosquitoes at bay. Mosquitoes are unfortunately a fact of living on the lake. The seashell that usually sits inside has made it’s way into the sun.

Deck Flowers 5

Our peonies are full bloom now in the yard. I clipped a few and set them out on the coffee table because they’re just too gorgeous to have only in one spot, and they smell heavenly.

Deck Flowers

I wish you could smell them they are that good.

Peace Lilly

Nikolas has his own little Adirondack chair in the  one shady corner with a Peace Lily tucked into the shade.

Deck Flowers 3

It’s become even more of our favorite spot to sit now.

Deck Flowers 4

Ice tea by the lake anyone?

Memorial Day Weekend



Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone. Bryan and I are starting our weekend early by taking off today as well. We’re launching the boat today and plan to have some good old fashion unofficial start of summer fun.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Our Little Garden by the Lake



Hello everyone,

How are you all doing?

Have any good plans for the weekend?

BBQ? Beach? Pool?

Our weekend starts early tomorrow so I’m already looking forward to our 4 days home.

Gerber Daisies

Our garden is coming along nicely now, every year we add some color by planting a few annuals here and there.

Each year is different. Usually we just go to the garden shop and buy whatever we like.

Gerber Daisies are always one of my favorites so they came home with us.


Geraniums, they like the sun, we have lots of sun….so they came home with us too.

Vinca and Petunias

A few Vincas and Petunias also made their way home with us.

Flowers are addicting, I may have to go pick up some more 🙂

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