When the Time had Come to Paint the Deck



When last we talked we had a preliminary plan to give our deck a much needed facelift on the cheap. If you remember it was looking a little bit um tired and shabby shall we say. With the summer fast approaching and the time we spend outdoors increasing as fast as the days are growing longer I knew we had to do something to spruce up this space.

Deck Before

I already mentioned we bought this really great outdoor rug to begin the deck makeover. But with the addition of the rug the deck went from completely shabby to shabby with a rug thrown on top of it. It was in some serious need of some loving, paint and a little elbow grease. image

So Bryan and I went off to our local paint store to get some advice on what kind of product to use for a half painted half peeled deck. Deck Redesign

We ended up walking out with 2 gallons of Benjamin Moore Arborcoat solid stain in Pashmina. We had mistakenly thought that since some areas of the deck still had paint stuck in patches that we needed to use paint on top. Guess what we were wrong. Our paint store specialist advised against using paint on the floor again unless we wanted it to peel again in a year.

Instead he recommended a solid stain tinted to whatever color we wanted that would completely cover the bare wood AND old patches of paint as long as we had the loose peeling stuff already scraped off. The only downside to solid stain is that it has to be applied with a brush, it can’t be rolled on, which means alot of time spent sitting on the floor.


They also advised that we power wash the deck allowing it to dry completely . You can see how thrilled Bryan is to be in a raincoat and boots. Don’t let that look fool you people he was thrilled THRILLED! It had absolutely nothing to do with the prospect of this picture showing up on the internet…nothing at all.

Powerwashing after

After a day of drying we were left with was a clean surface fully prepped and ready for our solid stain.

Painting the Deck

Admittedly we were a little skeptical about the solid stain actually covering over the old paint, but it went on like a breeze and covered everything really well. If you look closely you can see where the paint ends and the raw woods begins but from standing height it’s totally unnoticeable.

Painted Deck

We stained the top rails the same color since we had it on hand but as time goes on we may stain them a few shades darker to add some contrast. We’re still on the fence about it as we are what to paint/stain the balusters. All in good time though.  So that the deck wasn’t completely off limits and for time’s sake we stained the deck in two phases. There is a recommended 48 hours wait time to ensure it cured properly before returning any furniture on it. So we stained one half leaving a few of the heavier items up on the corner waited 48 hours, moved the furniture then stained the remaining section.

Painting the Deck Furniture Some of the lighter pieces we brought downstairs and since the furniture was looking as shabby as the deck it was already hanging out on the lawn I got to work on spraying it gray. First we used a primer on the areas that would get the most abuse and then I topped it off with the final coat. Let me tell you wicker or fake wicker in this case eats spray paint like nobodies business.

Deck Sneak Peak

I think the changes are turning our great. Of course we still have a few things to do for this mini makeover but overall it’s looking much much better. Just so you can’t say I left you without any after pictures here’s a sneak peak. You can even see I ordered the outdoor fabrics to recover the cushions from the original mood board and they match the rug beautifully. I’m always nervous when I order fabric online without a swatch but in the case it worked out really well.

I’m so excited to get this mini makeover checked off the list it’s going to be great 🙂

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