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It’s time to fill you in a bit on what’s been happening around here on the garden front. Back in March I shared some of our Summer Yard Plans. We’ve been working slowly but surely filling in the gardens here and there; sprucing up our outdoor space. I’ve been waiting for things to bloom a bit so you can really see how it’s all coming together. With the tree’s finally in full bloom what better time to share what we’ve been up to than now.

Backyard plans with notes copy

But let’s quickly recap for a moment with a plan and a drawing. Because you know I love a good illustrated plan. Here’s a quick look at our long term plans for the yard. We were thinking about relocating the vegetable gardens and adding a garden in front of the above ground pool towards the lake side. One of the other things on the we really want to do someday list is to add a boardwalk type deck along the lake wall and a new floating dock. We also want to add some grass around the pool some hedges and finish it off with a path.

Hornbeam Image via

Of course one of the first things we decided to do wasn’t even on that list but it’s been something we’ve been talking about for a while. While browsing at the garden center of Home Depot in March my Mom spied a few Hornbeam trees. My mom and I talk about trees and shrubs just like we talk about the Pottery Barn catalog and the until now we haven’t been able to find them ANYWERE. These trees are pretty cool because you can let them grow naturally, like the image above. Or you can keep trimmed into to all different shapes, you can even keep them as a tall hedge.

Needless to say she snagged a few of them faster then you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. For a while now we’ve felt that the yard needed some vertical elements to break up the long horizontal line of the privacy fence while adding a smidge more privacy from the neighboring houses.

At the time they didn’t have any leaves on them but we planted them anyway knowing they’d soon be full and lush.

Hornbeam trees

That’s my Dad below, he is always digging and planting trees and shrubs, as long as I can remember my Dad has had a shovel in his hand digging up or moving something or other, usually under the direction of my Mom who happens to mysteriously absent from this shot.

Hornbeam Planting

Now just a few weeks later they’ve bloomed and have filled in nicely. Over time we plan to keep them trimmed to avoid them encroaching on the yard too much.


It’s certainly an improvement over how bare the fence was looking just a few short months ago.

Winter View

Now it’s lush and green and has filled in nicely.

Outdoor view 2

Hornbeam trees 2

So excited to see them fill in over time.

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