Lake Photography



Memorial Weekend 1

Memorial Weekend 15

On Friday afternoon we went for the first boat ride of the year…at the end of the day when the boat had been launched into the water Bryan grabbed Nikolas and I snagged the camera and we set off for an evening ride.

Memorial Weekend 4

This time I wanted to capture bits and pieces of the life we have the privilege of seeing everyday in our house by the lake. The pieces that are often rushed through as we race from one spot to the next, speeding along, wind in our face.

Memorial Weekend 8

It was a beautiful evening, the water was in all it’s sapphire blue glory.

Memorial Weekend 12

As the sun began to go down and lifeguard towers were unattended..

Memorial Weekend 5

…we floated home, looking forward to tomorrow and another day on the lake 🙂


Let me know if you enjoy seeing pieces of our lake?

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  • Wonderful30

    I enjoy all your blog posts, but the ones with lake photographs are definitely my favorite!  I live in the middle of Phoenix so seeing your lake life is like a mini-vacation every time.

    • OurLakeLife

      Oh Thanks Beth, I’m so glad you’re enjoying them. I’ll be sure to post about the lake more often.

  • Bernhardt

    I just love seeing all your lake photos, here in the midwest, we don’t have view like that!  Makes me feel like I am on vacation!
    dee dee

    • OurLakeLife

      Thanks Dee Dee, so glad you’re liking them. I thinking of posting them more often if you all like them. Thanks for the input. 🙂

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