Happy Monday, how was your weekend? Ours was too short as usual. But don’t the weekends always feel too short? Saturday was a bit cloudy and cool here. The rain loomed threatening to send everyone inside but in the end it was all bark and no bite. It’s stayed away and we managed to get some gardening and boating and even a few sunny skies.

While we were out on Saturday I took a few photos of one of my favorite sights on the lake. The LH Yacht Club still stand in salute of days gone by.

LH Yacht Club 2

The private yacht club built in 1910 is one of  the few remaining structures of a bygone era. Orchestras on Saturday night’s, vaudeville, movies, masquerade balls and boat races all were a mainstay of the Jazz age on the lake.

LH Yacht Club

To this day the yacht club hosts many events including the lake’s main summer attraction the 4th of July fireworks and many dances and boating activities for it’s members. Can you imagine being on the front lawn of this building among the painted ladies of the Jazz era, dancing and enjoying some summer summer? It must have been quite the scene.

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