Mini Golf…Lake Style



Mini Golf 1

Mini Golf

Mini Golf 2

Mini Golf 3

I wanted to share a few photos of the new mini golf course I mentioned the other day that recently opened on our lake. For now we scoped it out floating by at a close distance as the sun was setting on Saturday. The opening of the mini golf course brings a little dose of family entertainment back to our lake, evidence of the once bustling family resort of years past.

I’m excited to try my hand at a round of mini golf sometime soon. Mini golf is quite the competitive tradition in our family. My sisters and I have more than a few memories of our parents taking for a round of mini golf during our annual family vacation. It always involved a health dose of friendly competition, hot pretzels and the inevitable “touchdown” style dancing when someone would get a hole in one.

When we go we plan to take Nikolas with us to carry on the tradition with the next generation, although he may be more interested in swinging the golf club over his head and throwing the ball rather than hitting it into the cup.  Should be an fun time 😉

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