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 Daddy's little helper  How not to dig a hole

To me it seems that summer always flies by in the blink of an eye. The warm weather spurs on a great amount of activity in our lives and makes the time move quicker than usual. What have we been doing lately? My Dad’s been working on a new patio in one of the most gloriously shady spots of the yard (more on that soon). So on Sunday Bryan, Nikolas and I took a trip to the garden store to pick up a few new Hydrangeas to add to the garden around the new patio. It was one of those times where I decided Hydrangeas would be a nice touch and needed to execute the idea immediately. I have those moments often. Bryan has learned to just go with it.

On the way home from the garden store Bryan and I got to reminiscing about how we grew up doing projects with our parents and how we loved working with them. I cannot tell you how sweet it is to now have Nikolas beginning the same experiences. Nikolas, like all kids, loves to help give him job and a little direction that involves building, digging, or pretty much anything that involves getting his hands dirty and he’ll be occupied for hours.

Our yard is really coming together over the past three years that we’ve been here we’ve covered lots of small and not so small projects. One of my new favorites is the addition of the Hydrangeas we picked up as a result of our trip on Sunday (we just planted them and I need to take some more photos). What we didn’t love was having to deal with the massive amounts of tree roots in the way of where we wanted to plant them. We definitely don’t recommend cutting a hole in the ground with a sawzall but sometimes you just need to think outside the box and utilize a few power tools to help get the job done.

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