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Hi everyone, we’re back in action today from our much needed break where we got away from it all and enjoyed some time at the beach. We had a great time and took loads of pictures. I’ll share some of those soon including some of the gorgeous ocean front homes we spied. They were to die for.

Anyway when we got home we saw one of the most anticipated sites around the lake. It’s probably something that most people don’t ever see. I know, I certainly never had before I moved to our lake.

Weed Harvestor 2 I bet you’re wondering what it is?

It’s called a weed harvester and it’s one of the most welcomed sights on our lake.  Given the size, our lake is relatively shallow which means light is able to reach the bottom in many parts of the lake it also make for relatively warm water in the summer months which is wonderful for swimming and also wonderful for lake weeds to sprout from the bottom virtually covering the lake which is not so good for swimming.

Weed Harvester 3

In July each year the weed harvesters come out to scoop up the floating debris and weeds leaving a substantially less weedy lake in their wake.

Weed Harvester 4

They pull right up to the edge of the land and make quick work of clean up. What would take us hours to pull out by hand is done in mere minutes.

Do you have any cool operations in your area that others might not know about? I’d love to hear.

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  • dee dee

    Welcome home! I’ve never seen anything like this before… thanks for the education! Our city pays for a wood chipper to pick up fallen branches and debris, but it is nothing as exciting as your weed harvester!
    dee dee

  • Maria

    Thanks Dee Dee, It’s good to be home. The weed harvesters are pretty cool I had never seen anything like it either till I moved here. I wish they would send a wood chipper to us some days. They don’t do that here. It’s so interesting to see what different areas do.

  • Aquatic Weed Harvester

    Aquarius Systems in North Prairie Wisconsin want to thank you for the wonderful blog and pictures of the weed harvester that we manufacture. It is a great site to see and we’re glad the harvesters are still helping maintain the lake, especially after all of the financial shortfalls recently.

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