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New York Public Library



New York Public Library


Just a quick hello form me today. Yesterday I was in NYC for a quick business meeting. I took a quick shot of the NY Public Library as I walked up 5th Avenue. I’ve always loved this building, it’s has such a cheap oakley great presence as you walk by amidst the skyscrapers that surround it. 

5 Things on Monday



Cone Flowers 

Nikolas J Cool 2 Butterfly

Sisters 2


1. Coneflowers are my current favorite flower. Last week it was Hibiscus, the week before it was Hydrangeas and now Coneflowers. Yes Coneflowers you will be my favorite forever or until next week whichever comes first.

2. Is there anything cuter than a boy in aviators? I. Think. Not.

3. I have a new butterfly friend. He lives near the lake sunning himself all day. I named him Fred.

4. My sister’s birthday was on Saturday and the 3 of us sisters, husbands and few couple friends got a chance to go out for a sunset cheap oakley sunglasses dinner on the lake. What could be better than waitress service to your very own table on a dock?

5. I have another new friend that has laid claim to the outdoor bar we just began building.  I think I will also named him Fred because I’m original like that 😉

If All Else Fails Tickle Them Into Submission



Maria and Nikolas 1

Maria and Nikolas 2

Maria and Nikolas 3

Maria and Nikolas 4

Before “owning” my very own 2 year old I never appreciated how obscenely difficult it is to get them to look squarely into the camera so you can see their face. Some of my favorite photos are those where I catch him off guard playing. But inevitable there comes a time when a mom would like photographic proof that her son has a face and is not just cheap oakley sunglasses the back of a head.

Now that he’s talking and devloping his very own real set of ideas and thoughts about things (who said that could happen?) our photo taking conversation goes something like this.

“Nikolas come sit by Mommy and take a picture”

“I don wanna take peekture”

“Come sit please some day we’ll need proof you were 2 years old and you had a mommy”

“Me try peekture, ME TRY, ME TRY!”

“Ok that’s it now I resort to tickling you into submission”

Commence Lake Front Yard Overhaul



Wood Delivery

Dock Building

Yard Progress

Daddy and Son Building

Dock Building 1 Maria and Nikolas

Last Saturday we had a delivery that began the first step to the drastic overhaul of our yard that is closest to the lake. We’ve been planning this since March so to say that we’re excited about making this prime real estate more livable and rid ourselves of the inhospitable mountain of white rocks is an understatement.

We’re building another wood patio across the length of the lake, very similar to the one we built here, along with an outdoor bar and storage for our growing amount of boating supplies, life jackets and fishing rods. The amount of junk treasured items we’ve accumulated all the name if having fun in the lake is mind boggling. Life jackets, fishing rods, rope, tubing gear is Ray Ban outlet just a sampling of the gear we need to store. It’s a complete work in progress but we couldn’t be happier with with how it’s coming along.

Project Sneakity Peak



Hey everyone, Happy Friday! So happy it’s the weekend.

I had a little bit of a bug this week that slowed me down a bit. The beginning of the week mostly involved me huddled on the couch under a blanket watching my favorite Ray Ban outlet soaps. My soap of choice is Genera Hospital by the way. I’m feeling much better now and can’t wait to share all of the exciting stuff we’ve had going on around here. If you follow us on Facebook you probably already saw a sneak peak.

New Project 1

New Project 2

This all came together so fast that I only had time to snap a few photos with my iPhone. Can you guess what we’re up to? I’ll share more next week. Until then have a great weekend!

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