Wood Patio in One Week!



Side Deck Build 6 Probably the fastest project that’s ever been completed at our little lake house and the most used spot in the yard to date.  It all started with a conversation on how best to work with this blank space.  We thought about simply stones to cover the dirt and keep down the dust down. But quickly a grander idea came to mind. It’s the most gloriously shady spot with a cool lake breeze that constantly rustles through the trees overhead. The idea for a low wood patio sprang to mind and was executed within a week.

Side Deck Build 5

Side Deck Build 7

Side Deck Build 8 Side Deck Build 9

Side Deck Build 10

Side Deck Build 3

Side Deck Build 11

Side Deck Build 4 Side Deck Build 12

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  • Comeca

    Its so pretty!!! I have been watching your progress and I think you guys have done an awesome job so far!

    • Maria

      Thank You Comeca, It’s quickly gone from the most avoided place to the best place to sit in the yard so far.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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