Commence Lake Front Yard Overhaul



Wood Delivery

Dock Building

Yard Progress

Daddy and Son Building

Dock Building 1 Maria and Nikolas

Last Saturday we had a delivery that began the first step to the drastic overhaul of our yard that is closest to the lake. We’ve been planning this since March so to say that we’re excited about making this prime real estate more livable and rid ourselves of the inhospitable mountain of white rocks is an understatement.

We’re building another wood patio across the length of the lake, very similar to the one we built here, along with an outdoor bar and storage for our growing amount of boating supplies, life jackets and fishing rods. The amount of junk treasured items we’ve accumulated all the name if having fun in the lake is mind boggling. Life jackets, fishing rods, rope, tubing gear is Ray Ban outlet just a sampling of the gear we need to store. It’s a complete work in progress but we couldn’t be happier with with how it’s coming along.

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