5 Things on Monday



Cone Flowers 

Nikolas J Cool 2 Butterfly

Sisters 2


1. Coneflowers are my current favorite flower. Last week it was Hibiscus, the week before it was Hydrangeas and now Coneflowers. Yes Coneflowers you will be my favorite forever or until next week whichever comes first.

2. Is there anything cuter than a boy in aviators? I. Think. Not.

3. I have a new butterfly friend. He lives near the lake sunning himself all day. I named him Fred.

4. My sister’s birthday was on Saturday and the 3 of us sisters, husbands and few couple friends got a chance to go out for a sunset cheap oakley sunglasses dinner on the lake. What could be better than waitress service to your very own table on a dock?

5. I have another new friend that has laid claim to the outdoor bar we just began building.  I think I will also named him Fred because I’m original like that 😉

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