5 Fun Things To Do In October



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I have a bitter sweet relationship with October. I love the crisp mornings and changing leaves, but for me it also brings a sense of impending doom for the dreary January days to come. January is the ray ban baratas bane of my existence. In January (at least here in the northeast) the excitement of Christmas has come to a close, the first fallen snow has lost it’s newness and the long nights have settled in.

So to combat my trepidation about the winter to come I’m focusing on all the fun things I’d love to do in October.

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Top of the list is of course is pumpkin picking.  This year in particular Nikolas is obsessed with pumpkins so I think it should be a very good time.

Corn mazes are another fan favorite in our area. Our favorite is mazezilla about an hours drive away in Pennsylvania is an 11 acre corn maze we love to go to.

When I was a kid I loved to press leaves. This year I’m dying to snag a few orange and red leave to press and frame just like these here.

I spied this Velvety Acorn DIY on Pinterest the other day and immediately wanted to try it. I think it could also be great with these felted wool balls too.

Apple picking and baking apple pie is another time honored fall tradition. These mini apple pies look amazing.

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