Reimagining Our Lake Front Yard – The First Stage




Yard plans

At the end of the summer we decided to take the plunge and tackle a large unfinished portion part of the yard closest to the lake. We spend approximately one billion hours outdoors in the spring, summer and fall and there was a large portion of the yard that was uninhabitable due to a vast amount of white stones that blanketed the space.

Back Yard 3

Let’s just say it was less than ideal hangout zone.

We had added a garden in front of the pool earlier in the summer. Then decided one hot summer day, when we had tired of not being able to sit there comfortably to go ahead and do something about it. After unloading ourselves of some of our unwanted worldly possessions via Craigslist we had a good start on the funds and were off and running turning our plans that we talked about here into a reality.


First we wanted to build a low lying wood patio almost like a boardwalk that would span the entire width of the property. We wanted it to sit directly on the ground  We started Cheap Oakleys Sunglassesby pulling back the unsightly white rocks and old deteriorated plastic that did more to help the weeds hold root than to deter them from growing.

Reimagining the back yard 2 They built a number of boxes with joists directly on the floor. This did two things, it would hold the floor boards level off the ground and provide us a place to put all the stone we no longer wanted.

Building the back deck The majority of the new patio came together very quickly. In  a little more than a weekend we could tell that this new space would be a great hang out spot for the entire family. Allowing us easier access to the water and a place to sit and enjoy the view.

The back deck build We were well on our way to a new and improved yard.

The deck Of course the finishing work always takes the longest but that is a story for another day.

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