The Best Junk on Craigslist – New Jersey Edition



Maybe it’s the possibility of finding something really cool at a really good price but I love scouring craigslist multiple times per day even when I’m not in the market for anything. There’s a lot of wading through over priced crap on our craigslist but sometimes I find the best junk.

Unfortunately most of the time I have no place to put it. Big bummer. Instead of all of these good finds cheap oakley sunglasses going to waste or having my husband divorce me because our living room is full of junk we don’t need I thought I’d share some of the great stuff I found recently.

I’m dying over this first find at $495 it’s a little more than Id normally consider spending on something I found on craigslist but it’s gorgeous and so worth it.

This Ethan Allen couch is really pretty with great lines and comes with your own custom plastic covers. What more could you want from a second hand couch?

I’m kind of digging this chair could be really cute recovered with some contrast piping and for $50 how can you go wrong?

Spindle beds are hot right now and this one could be so cute for $380. Leave it as is or paint it a bright color for a fun teen bedroom.

A five piece French Provincial bedroom set for $165, would be killer painted white and put in a little girls room.

I’m loving this walnut sideboard. It’s perfect as is. Asking $465. I’d probably try and ask them t go a bit lower.

And there you have it, the best junk on Jersey Craigslist.

How’s the Craigslist in your area? Find any good junk lately?

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