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It’s Tuesday and I’m still having a hard time getting back into the swing of the work week after Thanksgiving weekend lounging and doing what I want to do overload. My head is swirling with Christmas activities, gift buying, cookie baking and hall decking.  We got a ton of stuff accomplished over the weekend which was great and we were kind of all over the place (kind of like this post).Cardinal

First of all the cardinals have arrived They’re so strikingly beautiful I had to take a picture and share. I caught this guy hanging out in our tree and quick snapped a picture of him. I really like the stark contrast of the brightly colored feathers against the gray background. So pretty!

Moving on…I love Christmas lights, there’s magic waiting till it gets dark and flipping the switch and having the warm glow of the Christmas lights on a cold winter’s evening.  Nikolas is really into the Ray Ban outlet whole magic of Christmas this year, it’s so much fun to see his eyes light up when the lights turn. He’s so filled with love of the magic of Christmas and holiday cheer it’s so sweet to see his love for the season grow.

Christmas Lights 003It’s taken us a few years to find our groove when it comes to decorating outdoors for Christmas. Our house is not typical in that the front faces the lake and the back faces the street, making for the traditional approach of lights on the roofline look kind of awkward. Over the past 2 weeks it’s had been very warm so it was perfect timing to add some festive holiday cheer to the outside. I think the warm weather helped us find our holiday decorating groove. I strung white lights around all the rails of the deck which look so pretty when lit.

TChristmas LightsBryan caught the decorating bug and strung the outdoor bar with colored lights. The roofline and post are now outfitted for the season. I’m so glad we did this while it was warm, the day after we put up the lights it turned bitterly cold which would have definitely prevented us from enjoying the process so much. On a cold day I’d rather sit inside, listen to Christmas music and decorate the tree than freeze outside stringing lights.

Speaking of Christmas decorating we also put up our tree! It’s a Thanksgiving weekend tradition around here. I’m the type of person that likes to put it up as early as possible but usually once New Year comes I’m dying to get it down. Do you feel the same?

Christmas Tree 2 I bought a few new ornaments from JCPenney of all places on Black Friday, you can catch a glimpse of the orange one above, in person they’re translucent and the lights glow right through them. I love that they’re a simple shape with a bold color against the muted background. They’re similar in that way to the Cardinal picture above, I’m sensing a trend here.

Cutting Tree 2

Now for the last and most random occurrence of the weekend. Hurricane Sandy downed massive trees in our area many were broken and scattered on the ground which has left many people scrambling to remove the trees from their yards. We wanted an opportunity to reuse some of the fallen trees.  We’ve had the idea for a while to make the bar top for the outdoor bar out of one solid piece of wood with a live edge. Figuring the cost would be too high we put the idea on the back burner for some time. This past weekend we resuced this giant tree from being cut up for firewood. It’s utterly massive, you can kind of get the idea how big it is with my Dad standing on top of our log slicing it down the middle with a chain saw. It needed to be partially cut on sight so we could transport it.

Cutting Tree

The massive log is now sitting in our yard waiting for the spring thaw when we can get back to work on the bar. We got so much accomplished in our four day weekend, makes me wish every weekend was that long!

Well that’s all for me even though Cyber Monday is done I’m off to scour the internet for some fabulous gifts!

PS: Tomorrow I have another great Christmas DIY and Monday in addition to our regular posting I’ll be kicking off our 2012 Holiday Gift Guide series with tons of great stocking stuffer ideas. I’ve been searching high and low for great gift ideas. You won’t want to miss it!

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