2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers



When picking out gifts for the holidays I always tend to overlook the small things like stocking stuffers. My mom was really great about stocking stuffers and it was one of the things I looked forward to most on Christmas morning. We always went to church early Christmas morning and would open gifts afterwards, but the stocking were free reign as soon as we woke still sleepy eyed and in pajamas. Although tiny these small touches can really make lasting gift giving memories.

Needless to say despite my mom’s great example I other the other hand usually forget about them until the last second and end up getting things I’m not entirely in love with. This year I’m planning to make a change. Below are some of my favorite stocking stuffer ideas for Christmas this year.


Gift Guide - Stocking Stuffers 1Image above clockwise from top left: beaded coasters, mini white wood house, beaded boxes, golden playing cards, limited edition nail polishbutterfly magnets, silver cufflink bracelet

Gift Guide - Stocking Stuffers 2

Image above clockwise from top left: bird clip, tea bag buddy, USB hubman, insect stamps, Christmas miniature house, ear cuffs


Gift Guide - Stocking Stuffers 3

Image above clockwise from top left: hexbug crab, glitter iphone case, Jack Daniel’s iphone case, horned bottle opener, gold animal magnets, animal chip clips, nosy eyeglass buddy

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