Small Buffet Restored



The the funny thing about DIY projects and DIY people in general is that there is a lot of watching and waiting for the right materials to show up, the right furniture piece to refinish and after all that waiting it’s usually about waiting to find the time to tackle your projects. After all that waiting the reward of creating something with your own two hands or the reward of scoring something truly beautiful at a fraction of the cost.

The story of this buffet tends to span all of those waiting games and reasons it took so long to finish. We found this small table over the summer on Craigslist. It had been sitting in someone’s garage for a long time and showed it.We brought it home and let it sit around and then we talked about what we wanted to do with it and then it sat around for a while longer. Finally we called in the big guns to help us out. The big guns being a man named Pop.

Buffet 12

Bryan’s father who we all call Pop has a love for building and furniture refinishing. We all know that if you give Pop a scratched, water damaged, beat up piece of old furniture he will return to you a perfectly restored and polished beauty of a piece. I’ve been trying to tell Pop for years that he should sell the pieces he refinished. Finally he’s agreed and this one is for sale!

It’s sitting in my house right now and I have to admit I’ve contemplated on more than one occasion keeping this piece for myself.

Buffet 6

The shape of this piece was really beautiful. I love fluted details on the side and the small scale means it’s perfect to use as a small buffet in a dining room, an entry hall table or even a TV stand for a small TV. The top drawer is actually a serving tray which pulls out completely.

Buffet 5

Under that there are three more drawers and double door cabinet big enough to hold extra china or linens. Just in time for the Holidays!

Buffet 13

We just got it prepped and ready to sell, so if you’re in the NJ area and would like to purchase this piece email me at ourlakelife (at) gmail (dot) come for additional details.

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