Lake House Tour: Master Bedroom



Hey everyone, ready for another installment of our House Tour series? This is where we take you room by room through our house sharing all the progress we’ve made in the 3 years we’ve lived here. We’ve already covered the Living Room and most of the Outdoor spaces.

Next up let’s take a look at the Master Bedroom. Lake houses built in the back in the 1960’s are not know for their spacious bedroom situations. The Master Bedroom is a pretty small space not much wiggle room but we managed to cram a lot of function.


The before pictures are pretty bad, they were taken on the day of our home inspection. I remember barely looking in this room, thanks to all the furniture there wasn’t much room to walk. It was cramped, dark and not much to look at and appeared even smaller than it actually was if that was even possible


Here’s a shot of the bedroom from the same angle now. Amazing difference. We actually painted the room a forgettable green for a while in the mad dash when we moved in but knew immediately it had to change. It took a while to get a feel for this room but eventually a plan was agreed to. First we lightened the walls with paint and made the room feel so much more open and then changed out the old white roller shades with some matchstick shades


We brought in a really bold curtain fabric, sewed up some lined curtain panels and a few envelope pillows to bring the whole color scheme together, then the bookshelves were restyled, mixing up how they were before and adding in some more books.


The bedroom side tables are one of my favorite pieces in the room, the open shelves on the bottom leave lots of room for pretty things while the drawer on the top keeps all of the unsightly things out of the way, like contact lenses solution, eye glasses and phone charges.


But by far my most favorite, time consuming but totally worth it part of the entire makeover had to be reupholstering my great-grandmothers chairs. They were seriously outdated and torn, oh and did I mention they were a bright shade of orange pleather!


We love that it feels like us. It’s eclectic, colorful and definitely not all store bought. The best part is that if we ever want to change it up we can completely change it out with new curtains an pillows.

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