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If you’re like me haven’t wrapped a single gift yet and have piles of unwrapped presents still in shopping bags stashed under every bed and closet in the house then this post is for you.

Seriously though, I have declared myself the worlds most unorganized gift wrapper. One February a few years back I found an unwrapped present still in the shopping bag with the receipt for Bryan under the bed . I had stashed it and forgot about. Whoops!

Still my unorganized state never stops me from gawking at creatively wrapped gifts topped with the perfectly tied bow. Here’s a few of my favorites to get me in the gift wrapping mood.

stamp gift wrap

via The Haystack Needle

fabric gift wrap ideas

via Merriment Events

via The Embellished Nest

Best Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas 2011 2

via Coming Holidays

via The Gifted Blog

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