How to Store Christmas Ornaments



First of all we want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! We thoroughly enjoyed every last minute of 2012, giving gifts, enjoying family, building snowmen and watching too many movies to count.

As I began to gather all the Christmas decorations to put them away for next year I wanted to share the best way I’ve found to store our Christmas Ornaments. I’ve always wanted to buy those special boxes for storing ornaments but always found that they were priced ridiculously high for what they are. That is until I figured out my own system for storing ornaments.

The best part about this is it’s simple, free and works like a charm.


First you’ll want to grab an old copy paper box. I snagged mine from the print room of my office, they usually just break them down for recycling anyway so I asked them to save a few for me. Any box would work but these boxes are great because the lid slides on and off and they have handles built in.


After I had my boxes I then grabbed a few pieces of extra cardboard. I cut 2 pieces so that they’ll slide inside the length of the box and 3 pieces for inside the width of the box. 4-How-to-Store-Christmas-Or

Then in the widthwise pieces I cut 2 slots equal distance in the cardboard as illustrated above and 3 slots in the lengthwise pieces.


Once that’s all done slide the pieces of cardboard together so that the form an interlocking grind inside the box. The grid will form a number of cells where the ornaments can be slid securely. When I put the ornaments away I wrap each ornament individually in tissue paper and slide them snugly into each cell inside the box.


So there you have it an easy, free and safe way to store the Christmas ornaments. I been loving this system for a few years because it works great, no broken ornamnets. Once everything is packed away I just put them on top of the closet and everything stays safe and secure till next year.

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