A Homemade Road Board for Kids



The last week before Christmas I was busy being Santa’s last minute elf and putting together a cute little homemade present for Nikolas. A road board for all his little cars and trucks to race around the track.


Here’s the story of how our little road board came about. Nikolas is nothing short of obsessed with anything that has wheels so a few weeks ago we were playing and I drew him a road on a large piece of paper so we could drive his cars around. Big surprise to me and my little impromptu road was that he loved it and kept asking me to bring it out every time we played.

Bryan had been talking about how Nikolas would like a road rugs for a while kind of like this, but I had a little more personal idea in mind after seeing this totally cute train board idea. I thought why not do something similar except with a road instead of train tracks? 


I let Bryan (my fellow elf) in on my idea and he surprised me by coming home one night from a random Home Depot run with a 4 x 2 sheet of 1/4 inch MDF which he found precut for around $6. Now my little idea now just needed to be executed. Also a side note the elves work at night at our house so some of the progress pictures are a little blurry/dark.

So a week before Christmas, time was running short and it was now or never that I executed my plan. I broke out a roll of brown craft paper and roughly sketched out how I wanted the road to go. It was convenient that it was the same size as the board so I really could get an idea of how big it would be. With the general layout in mind I then quickly re-sketched it directly onto the board which went much quicker the second time around since i knew how I wanted it to look.


After that I grabbed some craft paint I had in the house and mixed up a light green for the grass and started filling inside the areas of grass. The MDF really soaked in the paint so it dried very quickly. One half was pretty much dry by the time I got to finishing up the other half.

Kids-Road-Board-DIY-7 Then I mixed a light gray for the road and added some blue for the water along one corner and a light sand color for the beach.


I waited for the whole thing to dry overnight to be sure I didn’t smudged anything and quick ran out in the morning to stash it away until I had some more time. The next night I went back with a second coat for better coverage over the whole thing as well as to smooth out some of the jagged lines I made the first time around.

I plan to add a few coats of poly soon to help protect the whole thing but time was running short and Santa’s elves had a few other projects going on that needed to get finished before Christmas.


Come Christmas morning we left the board out in front of the Christmas tree and placed a few new cars out accompanied by a note left by Santa and an empty plate of cookies that had been “mysteriously” eaten over night.


To say he was exited was an understatement. He’s been talking about how Santa came and left him Christmas presents for a week now. We’ve had tons of fun racing around the track to the beach and bringing his cars and trucks for a “swim” in the water.


And a Mom’s favorite feature about this whole rug board project is that it stows neatly under the couch out of the way when not in use.

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  • deedee

    Wow! Love this idea! I will have to keep this in mind for my little nephew! Thanks for sharing!
    dee dee

    • Maria

      Thanks DeeDee, It was cute and simple and the best part is Nik loves it! I’m sure your nephew will too.

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