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It’s amazing what a little furniture shuffling can do for how you feel about a space. After three years of living in our house and 2 years of living with the furniture in the living room the same way I was ready to get my redecorating mojo on and switch things up.


Certain types of people really like to rearrange their furniture, others leave it in the same configuration for a while. I tend to fall into the former category, so when Bryan suggested to me that we change up our living room furniture arrangement for a different layout a few months back I was all for it. Since then it was more about waiting for the right moment when we had some time to get to work. After Christmas when all the decorations were stashed in their boxes and I marked it our our 10 Projects we’d like to complete it 2013 list it was on like Donkey Kong.

As a little refresher, here’s what the room looked like when we cheap oakley sunglasses toured the house back in 2009 and what it evolved into after a few years of fixing it up. We loved it and it stayed that way for a while but we felt like we were ready for a change.

Other than moving furniture around we did add one new thing to the room. My mom and sisters bough me this fabulous new rug that I was dying to get into the space which meant moving all the furniture around anyway so we just went with it and tried the new arrangement.

Mid-way through here’s what the room looked like during the chaos of mid-shuffle as we skootched and slid the furniture into the new position. It always looks worse before it looks better and we worked quickly to get it rearranged and cleaned while the little guy was napping.


While we were moving furniture all around some of the problems we were trying to solve were:

  • Poor Use of Space: To make the long and narrow room feel more cozy. When you were standing in the room with the old arrangement the couch felt shoved up against the wall making conversations awkward.
  • Uncomfortable TV Watching: This room also serves as our primary TV watching area. The TV over the fireplace even though it’s large still felt a touch too far away to be comfortable viewing distance.
  • Lack of Floor Space for Playing: Nikolas can usually be found laying on the floor with a few trucks sprawled out around him. We found ourselves continually moving the coffee table out of the way so he play.
  • Awkward Flow: At some point in the future we’d like to open up the wall on the left where the cutout is so it flows nicely from the Kitchen (which is on the other side of  the wall into the Living Room. But before jumping into anything crazy we wanted to make sure we would love how the room worked without any furniture up against that wall.

After a couple hours of shuffling around, cleaning under couches and tweaking things we were left with a new arrangement that we are really big fans of.


The big change in the room was the reorientation of the sectional. We spun it around so the shortest end was on the wall underneath the windows, bringing it out into the middle of the room. Behind the couch was ample space to move the chairs to create another seating arrangement. The bookcase was switched to the opposite wall with the small buffet landing on the wall where the bookcase used to be.

And if none of that made sense, here’s how the changes look on a poorly drawn quick sketch I drew up below.


Now that we’ve had a chance to live with it for a while we absolutely love some things while other are likely to change. We love the placement of the sofa. When you walk into the room now it feels like home. This is easily our favorite layout we have tried to date. The room has always felt too long so dividing it up helps to minimize the length and brings the conversation area into the center of the room.  Lake-House-New-Living-Room

We also love the chairs located behind the couch. It feels like a room inside a room where you could sit and chat for a little while during a party.

Lake-House-New-Living-Room- The bookcase we like for now but aren’t completely sold on the height of it The storage that the bookcase provides though can’t be beat and a lot of Nikloas toys can be stashed in bins on the bottom shelf where he can get them himself and put them away.



On the other side we placed the recently refinished buffet which looks good there but I think it’s a little short for the space. At some point we may swap it out for something taller and a little less wide. All in all though we LOVE the new arrangement. It’s so nice to freshen up a space working with mostly what you have and feeling like you have a whole new room.



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