A Love Note (cough) to January



Winter-on-The-Lake Ahhh January is really rearing it’s ugly head  this week. I get it, its a cold, cold month. My nose and toes tell me so by freezing as soon as I walk outside. I woke up this morning and the thermometer read  ZERO Ray Ban Baratas degrees. I was hoping it was broken so I brought it inside…it wasn’t broken.

Other than the obvious issues I have with the cold there’s also an uncanny way that January has of making the walls in my house appear to grow  smaller by the day.


The claustrophobia I’m feeling probably has something to do with the heaps of blankets strewn on the couch and the growing pile of toys accumulating on the Living Room floor.

We’ve played cars more times than I can count and have probably watched a few too many cartoons.


Last year Nikolas seemed to take the cold weather in stride. He didn’t much care if we were cooped up inside all day. This year cabin fever has struck the whole family,


I’m running out of ideas!

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