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Happy Friday Friends! What are you all doing this weekend? The Sickies have hit our house. Nik has had a slight fever so there will probably be a lot of cartoon watching, soup eating and negotiating to get him to take his medicine. I’m not above a bribe or two. Hopefully during all that I’ll be able to sneak in a project or two.

Since coming to the realization that my wardrobe is non-existent, I’ve been keeping an eye out for great clothing ideas. So far my favorite places to find outfit inspiration are Pinterest (of course) I’ve been pinning to my Fashion board a lot.  I also like to read fashion blogs and Polyvore is another favorite.


Sometimes though the outfits are awesome but the price tags are out of control. Like $750 bags and $300 jeans…yeah, not going to happen. I found this board and tweaked it to make it my own.

This sweater is great and versatile, I love the color and I can see myself wearing it into Spring instead of a jacket.

This plain t-shirt from JCrew is a great buy on sale. When getting dressed always seem to forget the jewelry I think it really finishes and outfit so I want to start wearing it more. The necklace, bracelet and earrings could work well with a bunch of outfits.

These boots are great, wedges are my favorite because you can wear a heal while still being relatively comfortable I need to snag these while they’re on sale.

I actually have this pair of jeans and love them. They go on sale a few times a year which make them a good deal to look out for.

Finally the python bag is A-MAZE-ING I need it like now.

Well I’m off for the weekend, but before I do let’s talk fashion. Does anyone have any tips they’d like to share? What are your favorite stores? Where do you go for outfit pics, any favorite fashion blogs? Tell me in the comments I’d love to hear.

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