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You may remember that waaaay back in June I found two great cane back chairs on Craigslist for a great price. The seller was so anxious to get them out of his basement he even delivered them right to my door. I have been hoarding these chairs in my stash ever since, part of me thinks I was waiting for inspiration (that’s the story I’m sticking to). I himmed and hawed about what to do with these forEVER. I had several conversations with myself over the course of a few months.

Update: Check out Part 1 of my detailed tutorial on How to Upholster a Chair here


Should I keep the wood? Nah it’s scratched and scuffed and I don’t want to refinish…

Maybe I should paint then white and use a colorful fabric…

Maybe I should paint the frames a really bright color and keep the fabric neutral…

It went on and I like that in my head for a while. Finally I just decided there wasn’t any rush and I would wait for the perfect fabric to come along and help me decide. A few weeks later I was browsing online and came across Dwell Studio’s Casablanca Geo Fabric in Citrine from Tonic Living.


At $28 the fabric was a little expensive for my liking but I did a little searching and found the same fabric at Fabric Guru one of my favorite places to shop for fabric online for $19 a yard. I used one of the rare 20% coupons they send out to their email subscribers and bought 5 yards!

I knew five yards would be way too much but I wanted a some left over. I love the fabric so much I’m going to make a few pillows. I bought it without buying a sample can be scary but sometimes you can tell you’re going to love something. When the fabric came in I loved it instantly and new the modern fabric would update the more traditional chairs nicely. Sometimes your gut is just right. Once the fabric was here, I still had a hard time figuring out what color to paint the frames. One whole chair was a bright blue before I quickly decided to go a little more sophisticated and spray the frames a glossy black.


The barrel back chairs I reupholstered last year was a really ambitious project for my first time Ray Ban outlet but I learned a ton during and since. Chairs like these that only need would have been a perfect project for a first timer. I took a ton of pictures along the way and I’m putting together a tutorial for later this week on how to upholster chairs seats like these.

Update: Check out Part 1 of my detailed tutorial on How to Upholster a Chair here

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