Black Doors, What Do You Think?



One of my favorite rooms ever from Pure Style Home featured in Small Rooms Magazine

A couple of weeks ago I asked how you all felt about white walls. It was so nice to hear your thoughts and not feel like I’m talking to myself. Ha! Judging by some of the responses a lot of you are loving them right now, me included. Although I still am on the fence about which white to pick to paint the Living Room. I know, I should just make a decision already! That’s what Bryan keeps telling me.

Today’s let’s talk about black doors. Black doors have been around for a while but they seem to be getting Ray Ban outlet even more popular lately. You can barely open a design magazine or blog without noticing their arrival. So are you ready to take the plunge and paint your doors black?  I never really thought about painting my interior doors anything other than white until my sister brought them to my attention. Now along with my white walls I want some black doors dammit!

black door with mirror inset via Lonny magazine

A point in my favor is that Bryan actually really likes black doors too (which is rare that we agree on the exact same thing). Usually I just do my own thing and if he doesn’t come home and proclaim loudly that he hates it then it stays. He’s figured out that I’ll change my mind soon enough and move on to something else. Although so far he thinks it should be reserved for exterior doors. Like the inside of the front door is OK to paint black or the interior side of French doors leading to the outside but not the interior doors to all the bedrooms. Does  that make sense?

So what do you think? To paint or not to paint. Will we all be sick of black doors in a few months?

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  • Jesse B

    i LOVE the white walls black door look as well…and have been toying around with painting our pantry door (it’s in the middle of our white kitchen) so I think i will like the pop, but it so feels like a trendy thing, right??? I have this image of us looking at houses down the road in 10 years going “ughhh this house is so 2013 with the black doors” lol! But right now it just looks so gosh darn good! I think I’ll be taking the plunge! 😉

  • Maria

    Exactly Jesse, I feel the same way. I really try not to fall prey to super popular design trends and instead go for classic pieces but it’s so hard. I think we should just go with what we love and worry about at another time. We can always repaint and forget about it later.

  • Angela cornett

    Black is always classy and it doesn’t show dirty hand prints, etc…

    • Maria

      Good point. My little guy makes his share of prints on everything!

      • Jesse B

        Alright I’m convinced! the handprints on our pantry door are atrocious! The boys tend to have meltdowns (hands up on the door while they slide their bodies down the door) every time I tell them “no” about a snack they want right before dinner. I’m still waiting for them to finally get they I will never give them a sweet treat at 4:45! lol! The joy of having a 2.5 and 5 year old! 😉

        • Maria

          HAHAHA! Mine’s 2.5 he does the same thing, meltdowns all the time. Since we don’t have a step he can sit on when he’s misbehaving I have a spot he sits near the closet door. The finger prints over there are ridiculous. I’m with you, we should have black door painting party.

          PS, I was hoping the meltdowns would dissipate by the time he was 5. I think you just shattered that image in my head. 😉

  • Tery

    I just painted my front door black and I love it. If i had known it would have looked so well i would have done it years ago. I can’t wait for the weather to paint the outside black as well. I also love black interior doors but unfortunately i think my hallway is too small with 4 doors painted black…so they will remain white.

    I think black doors are very classic, almost timeless. Can’t go wrong

    • Maria

      So good to hear that you love it. Our hallway is the same. It’s small with 4 doors so I probably wouldn’t paint those black either.

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