The Coolest Invention: 3D Doodling



The 3D doodler has to be the coolest invention I’ve seen in a long time, perhaps ever. It’s a pen that can draw in the air. How cool is that? I spied this on Kickstarter after reading an article about it. 3D doodler has smashed through it’s original funding goal of $30,000 in just a few hours and is now nearing $1m. Crazy!  Now wonder though because check this thing out.

The latest model 3Doodler

If you don’t know what kickstarter is it’s a funding platform for creative ideas. The ideas are brought to life through backers. Anyone can be a backer on Kickstarter as the minimum is just $1. Some seriously cool stuff comes out of there and this happens to be one of my favorites.

But enough talk check out what this thing can do.

2 ft Eiffel Tower Stencil

Here’s a quote from the project page

“What can I make with 3Doodler?

There are many ways 3Doodler can be used. 3Doodles can be maglie calcio poco prezzo created as flat forms and peeled off a piece of paper, as freestyle 3D objects, or in separate parts, ready to be joined together using the 3Doodler. The creative opportunities are endless, including:

  • Basic 3D shapes and 3D models
  • Jewellery, pendants and hanging ornaments
  • Decorative art and fridge magnets
  • Personalization of everyday objects (iPhone cases, laptops, pens, etc.)
  • A mini Eiffel Tower or a soccer pitch for your Lego men
  • And much much more…”

They even teamed up with some really cool Etsy artists on how it can be used.

Wire Art by Bud Bullivant (

Wire Art by Bud Bullivant (

Wire Art by Nakisha ( Art by Nakisha (

Best part is they plan to price this at $75. It’s pretty cool and I can only imagine what would be created when this thing gets into the hands of a lot of creative people.

So let’s play what would you make if you got one of these? I’m thinking a cool sculpture, or a chandelier could be something fun to try? What do you think?

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