My Weekend Trip to IKEA



On Saturday it was a rainy and cloudy day. Bored with nothing else to do Bryan and I  headed off to IKEA.  It was an such an enjoyable trip, Nikolas is totally manageable and not that little baby running away from you anymore. No meltdowns happen in the aisles or proclamations of starvation or worrying about diapers.  I’m really loving this little bit older kid I’ve suddenly acquired.  But back to the IKEA story

File:IKEA Singapore.jpgvia

I went in specifically because I had seen these LAPPLJUNG RUTA black and white graphic pillow covers somewhere and had been obsessing about them for a few days.


They reminded me of the ottoman I’ve been obsessing over from One Kings lane it’s a very similar black and white pattern and at $10 a piece, how could you go wrong?


Of course once we were there that wasn’t the only thing we picked up. Bryan and I both really loved these Industrial BAROMETER Work Lamps. For us to agree on something is huge, most of the time he just doesn’t care so I do what I want. Other times the don’t cheap oakley sunglasses ask don’t tell policy works really well too 🙂  The lamps are so heavy and I was really impressed by the quality and for $30 a piece they were a win  win in our book.

Ikea Fern and White Pot

We also picked up that cute little fern and the white pot sitting next to the lamp.  I can never resist the plant section I kind of love him. He’s such a pretty spring green, sitting in the white pot it makes me feel like warmer days are ahead.

IKEA Ribba Frames 

Finally we picked up six of the always awesome Ribba frames, we have an idea to hang them in a grid in the Living Room, which is easier said than done to get them level and straight, probably one of my least favorite things to do but they’re going to look awesome all hung.

So what have you all been up to? Any runs to IKEA? Buy anything good lately, spill in the comments.

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  • Robyn Hirvela

    Hi Maria!We live on a lake in south east texas. Love “our” lake life! we have been remodeling this “tear down” for over 2 years and finally moved her permanently last August.

    we are huge ikea fans! we have alot of ikea furniture and accessories all through our house! Seriously, what is not to love about that place??? style, function, and affordability?!

    The fun thing about their products is they are basic enough that you can transform them into anything to match your decor! my latest find was the raskog rolling cart. I am using it my art studio to keep the things I use daily off my desk to give me more work space. this thing is amazing. it has so many uses! can you tell i love that place?

    • Maria

      Hey Robyn, I agree living on a Lake is so much fun. It opens up a world of possibilities! Wow 2 years I’m sure it looks amazing and it must be so exciting to be living there now. So envious of your art studio. I want one of those some day,

      Huge fan of IKEA here too even if you go just to browse there are so many great ideas to be had there.

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