Wedge Sneakers



I have a confession to make. I don’t own a decent pair of sneakers. The last pair I bought 5 years ago and has a tear in the side. Frankly, I just haven’t found a pair I love and and I rarely wear them anyway. In the winter I’m a boots and wedges kind of girl and in the summer I wear flip flops and sandals as much as I can.


Now I know wedge sneakers don’t really qualify as a practical pair of sneakers (ok they don’t) but I find that I keep staring at them none the less. A part of me wants a pair and part of me is reminded of those platform sneakers of the 90’s ala the Spice Girls.


This pair I found at HauteLook is really cute and for $30 (some pairs crazy expensive like these here). At that price I might not mind taking part in the trend for a season. So let’s talk about wedge sneakers today. Would you buy a pair or wouldn’t be caught dead in them?

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