Life with Littles: Draw a Map



Did you ever have one of those mornings where you just can’t get out of the house? You know the ones where your child procrastinates for 15 minutes before going to the bathroom and hides when you ask them to put on their shoes? Those giggles can be adorable when you have time to indulge, but certain times you’re standing there just willing them to get dressed already!


Last week we were having one of these mornings and I had a a brilliant idea that has been working like a charm ever since. I quickly scribbled a map on a scrap sheet of paper. It sounds silly and simple but Nikolas loves it.


I usually break down whatever we’re going to do in three simple steps. Sure, sometimes cheap oakley sunglasses it involves me drawing a map to the toilet but it gets the job done and it’s really cute to see him follow the map around the house. It’s amazing what turning something into a game instead of a chore does for our mornings. The map gets bonus points for helping us get out of the door quicker.


Do you draw maps? I think it might be fun once the weather gets warmer to draw a treasure map around the yard and hide a prize at the end. What trick do you use with your kids? Spill your secrets in the comments.

P.S. This Pinterest board has a really great collection of kids scavenger hunt ideas.

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