Removing Walls to Create an Open Floor Plan



Benjamin-Moore-Vapor Yesterday I had great intentions of filling up our new Ribba frames in the Living room with some art. I had all the supplies and it was going to be a quick project to bring a little color into the space. Then Bryan and I got to talking, he wanted to start a project and asked me what I really wanted to do next in the house. In my infinite wisdom I said I wanted to open up the Living Room cutout into the kitchen….I was half joking, never imagining we’d start something like that on Sunday afternoon.


But let’s back up for a second so you can see what I’m talking about. So you see the opening to the left, it’s off center in  the room and really causes some major traffic flow issues. To get to the living room you need to walk, through the kitchen, past the table, bumping into chairs along the way . We’ve wanted to open up the wall for a while and create a more open floor plan. It’s been on the to-do list forever, just waiting for the right moment.

Kitchen-cutout-before Here’s another view from the Kitchen (ignore the dresser, that’s leaving soon) as we started moving furniture around. See what I mean by the doorway being off center? The traffic flow was  annoying. The cutout was nice because it helped to keep the living room open. But the whole design felt very 90’s to me. So right after that picture was taken this started to happen…


Yup that’s right the wall is coming down!

After an hour or so of demo and a TON of dust it looked more like this.

We found all kinds of things in the wall that you should never find, like a hidden outlet that was never disconnected stuffed up above the cutout. Along with a mess of other structural issue like supports cut out of the load bearing wall etc. Oi!


We finished up 90% of the demo late last night and made sure it was all safe with no live wires so we would have to worry about Nikolas until next weekend when we can start putting it all back together. Ah I’m so excited, this is probably the single biggest thing we’ve done inside so far.

It already feels so much more open and natural, and the best part is there no more awkward flow. Three cheers for a good demolition project to end the weekend. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out. This should be good.

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