3 Budget Ways to Style Flowers



Ahhh Spring, you can feel it in the air, finally. Before you know it the magnolias a cherry trees will be blooming. I can hardly wait! I love to bring flowers into my home as often as I can. But filling your home with fresh flowers can tend to get on the pricy side. With spring comes easier access to all kinds of flowers and blooms. Here are three of my favorite and beautiful ways to add flowers without breaking the bank.

First, grab a bunch of jars and arrange them together. You could use jelly jars or mason jars, wrap some twine around it and place just few stems each of assorted wild flowers for a casual arrangement.


Second, why limit yourself to only flowers? Grab a few large leaves form the garden. Hosta leaves would work well for this. Place a few inches of water in the bottom of a large vase and create an easy modern arrangement in seconds.


Third, why not skip the fresh flowers all together and go for silk flowers? Bonus points for not needing water and never wilting. These aren’t your momma’s fake flowers. Can you even believe they’re not real? Silk flowers used to be really cheap oakley sunglasses popular but got a bad rap. Would you consider using silk flowers if they looked real?

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