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Glass Beach

Happy Friday Friends! We finally woke up to the most gorgeous Spring morning here in the Northeast. It’s been a very cold Spring so far around here so to say I’m excited about the change is an understatement.

The shift in weather has had me thinking about the beach, sun and sand lately…or maybe even a different kind of beach. Perhaps even a beach covered entirely in sea glass?

File:Glass Beach Fort Bragg 2.jpg

Glass Beach located in MacKerricher State Park near Fort Bragg, California houses an enormous amount of sea glass. The sea glass was created from years of dumping garbage in the early 20th century. Can you even believe that?

According to CNN “So much sea glass smothers this hidden shoreline that you might think a truck unloaded shimmering shards all over its rocky coves –and that’s not too far from the truth. What is now called Glass Beach began as this city’s garbage dump.”

Glass Beach Fort Bragg California

In 1967 the beach and dump was closed to the public. Over the years various cleanup efforts took place and in 1998 the owner of the property deemed that it should be open to the cheap oakley sunglasses public and worked for 5 years with the State of California to complete the final clean-up efforts. In 2002 it was eventually opened to the public.

The fact that garbage was dumped there to begin with is a tragedy but the result of what the ocean can do to all of the glass given enough time is surely breathtaking. I can hardly believe a place like this even exists. If I’m ever near Fort Bragg I would definitely go check this place out.

What do you think? Would you go check out glass beach?

Images in order: wunderground,wikipedia, avaxnews

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