Beach Inspired: Blue and Green Living Room




Can we talk about the Living room for a second? Specifically, adding a few new colors back in. I love the new white walls and frames we put up (even though they still don’t have anything in them) but I kind of got sidetracked on finishing off the room when we spontaneously decided to remove the wall one day. We love it and there is still the whole thing of fixing the sheetrock and adding in a  few moldings to contend with.

Removing a Wall 04 Back when I first painted I  put together this mood board that I thought would work well in the new space. I’ll save you some time from clicking over because I’ve completely scrapped that idea. Although I still really do love that light. That’s what I kind of love about mood boards, you “live” with a few items together before committing to them. While it was good it just wasn’t making me feel excited to get started on it. I took that as a sign to scrap the whole thing and start over.

Wanna see? I’m loving this one a whole lot more.

Watery-Living-Room-Board  This time around I knew I wanted soft colors inspired by nature. The sliding door in the Living Room and Kitchen lead you onto the deck and look directly at the view of the lake. I want to reflect that into the space. I think watery blues and greens, mixed with some weathered wood accents and sandy tones will mix nicely.

Even though I had that in mind I was getting nowhere fast until I found a piece of Art by Christine White called  Retreat IV. I love the little house poking out from beneath the Palm trees and the reflection of the water. Now unfortunately the painting is sold and maglie calcio poco prezzo I doubt I’d be able to afford it anyway but it really set the tone for the rest of the colors.

The photograph print of the beach I mentioned here I saw in a  room designed by Emily Henderson  The last painting is by Michelle Armas and I have loved it for a long time and thing it ties in well with the whole scheme.

The fabrics are all form Tonic Living and I’ll be sprinkling them throughout the Living room Kitchen and Dining room since they’re all open to each other. Side tables are from Pottery Barn which look a lot like my open end table now and West Elm. I’m seriously crushing on the larger wood tiled dresser here. Maybe I could use it for storage in the Living Room?

Wood Lamp is from JCPenney and abstract pillow from Serena and Lilly. Finally I think at some point this table from Restoration hardware is in my future. I love the weather wood and chunky legs.

So there you have it my Beach inspired Blue and Green Living Room. I’m ordering the fabrics this weekend. I see some pillow sewing in my future.

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