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I’ve always been a sporadic shopper. It doesn’t matter what I shop for.  Whether it’s home decor, clothes even groceries. If I’m not careful I can veer off the intended path really quickly. Bryan likes to tease me by saying I’m distracted by shiny objects. I usually hate to admit when he’s right Ray Ban outlet but it’s so true. Lately I’ve been  smarter about my shopping habits and it’s really working. Here’s 3 key steps I use to shop for (and decorate) rooms…the smart way.

Inspire: Every time I decorate a room I love and am happy with for the long haul I’ve started with an inspiration photo. Just like when I decorated our bedroom I used a room designed by Sarah Richardson. This time, when decorating the living room I’m using this home as a starting point.

What do I look for in an inspiration photo? I look for how a room makes me feel. For the living room I want something bright airy with a cool beach vibe. It’s not about loving every element in the space or recreating each item meticulously. But instead I look for the essence of a room. I study the space. What types of finishes does it have? What colors have they used throughout? Is there one key item I could reuse and build room around?

Lake House Living Room Makeover

Plan: Once I have my inspiration room it’s time to start the planning process. For me that means taking a photo of my room before.  I keep this image in my files and refer back to it often. One of my favorite tips is to pin the picture of your “before” room to a Pinterest board so you can pull it up at any time.

Then I turn my attention to my favorite places to shop for fabric and home decor items. I start saving (and pinning) fabric and items I like. I mix and match endlessly until I come up with something cohesive. I create mood boards for the blog which also help me to do this but the quickest and easiest way I’ve found to do this is to just pin images to a Pinterest to the same spot I pinned my before picture. Shopping-tips-to-decorate-y

Execute: Finally, when it’s time to start shopping I refer back to my inspiration room and before photo’s often.  While I’m out and about I ask myself questions like: Would this work in my inspiration room? Does it contribute to the overall feel I’m trying to create? Are the colors right? I pull up my Pinterest board when I’m out shopping. Having all my inspiration in one spot really helps to keep me to stay on track and maintain focus. Armed with these smart tips I’m able to decorate a room in half the time. Now that’s progress.

What are your favorite smart tips when shopping for home decor?

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  • Krista @thehappyhousie

    Great tips here!! That inspiration room is so sleek and beautiful but still has a cottage nautical touch. Great choice!

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