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Grill On




When it comes to BBQ’s who is the “Grill Master” in your house? Bryan and I both cook on the grill but he definitely takes supreme pleasure in trying new recipes and simultaneously grilling up a great dinner.  While I can cook a mean steak on the grill I look at it more as a means to getting food in my stomach rather than an art.


We  host a lot of BBQ’s over the summer months (especially since sprucing up the deck) which we love. Over the years we’ve created quite the system for putting together these gatherings. We work really well as a team and have fallen into the pattern where I prep and he helps, he grills and I help. It works well for us Ray Ban outlet but I always think I get the better end of the deal since by the time the guests arrive most of my work is done.


Since Spring seems to be coming so very late this year I keep finding myself thinking more and more about our summer grill parties.  I can hardly wait! Do you grill?

One of our affiliates One King’s Lane has partnered with HGTV and is having a great Day of Outdoor Sale today . I saw a sneak peak yesterday and it looked fabulous. The outdoor rugs are to die for.

We could use some new outdoor furniture and this outdoor sectional from Crate and Barrel is calling my name.

Martha does it again with this grilled steak summer, vegetable salad and tequila shrimp. I hear summer calling my name.

Images from top down Kohls, Crate and Barrel, and Martha Stewart

The Ultimate Closet: 13 pieces 15 looks




I was online shopping the other day. Big Surprise! While browsing I came across a Shop Bop lookbook called the Ultimate Closet. Have you ever seen this?  13 Pieces, 15 looks. All expertly styled. Of course, if you were to buy all these pieces it would cost $3873. Like I should expect Ray Ban outlet something else from ShopBop right? But it’s got me thinking, could I do something similar with 13 pieces form my own closet? Probably not, but I’d love to try something like this (on a less expensive scale)  for each season.

View ShopBop’s Ultimate closet Pre-Spring collection here. They also have a workwear edition here that I wish I had known about when I used to visit the office everyday.

What do you think? Would you want to be able to mix and match your closet like that?

Taking the Wall Down Was Sooo Worth It



Removing a Wall 05

Anyone want to see some walls taken down? OK good, because that’s what we have for you today. A  14 foot opening where a wall used to be. It’s was a lot of work Ray Ban outlet on Bryan’s part and a lot of cleaning allergy inducing dust in every nook and cranny of the house on my part. But after the dust has settled it was soo worth it.

It’s changed the whole feel of the house.


If you remember we started with an off center doorway and cutout that helped to open the room up a bit but it still felt somewhat outdated. When we took the wall down we were left with some electrical that needed to be moved around.

Removing a Wall 01

Fortunately for us Bryan’s Dad (a former electrician) came by to help Bryan move the wiring. It was a big job and took them most of a day to get it all moved and back together.

Removing a Wall 02

What was left was a couple of 2 x 4’s holding up the wall. The old owner had cut out almost all of the supporting posts which was king of scary to see.

Removing a Wall 04 copy

We put up a brand new header which involved all hands on deck (including mine). We held the beam up and we slid it into place and slid the old supports out.

Removing a Wall 06

It’s amazing what a difference the lack of a wall can make. The whole house feels larger has a more open modern. It’s completely changed how the house looks and how we feel about the space. We still need to replace some sheetrock and will add some molding to finish off the opening soon. I can’t wait.

PS: Did you spot the dresser in the kitchen? It’s standing in for an island to help us visualize if we’d like one there. The verdict’s still out on how big the actual island will be but we love the idea of adding one there. We’ll keep you posted on the progress.

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