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Well hello everyone, how has your summer been? We’ve just been enjoying the past 2 months of summer. You know hanging out by the lake, swimming, tubing and hosting a ton of BBQ’s for friends and family that come over in droves at the mere mention of a 90 degree day. It’s an insane amount of fun and a little crazy at times but it’s exactly the reason we bought a lake house in the first place.

When I started to redecorate the living room I wanted the room to feel casual, a little bit coastal and really reflect the summery blues and greens of the outdoors. I had painted the walls white and took the whole room back to a neutral base. I was in to mood for a really quick way to add some watery colors into the space and of course I bought some fabric.Painting-white-walls-in-the

One of my favorite and quickest ways to change out the feel of an entire room is to swap out the pillows. So the orange pillows were out and I made a few new pillows from the fabric I mentioned on the inspiration board I put together ages ago.


This time instead of my old stand by envelope pillows. I sewed these with zippers. Lucky for me it actually turned out to be way easier than it sounds. The first one took a little bit longer to make than I would normally spend because of the slight learning curve but after that it was smooth sailing. Jesse at Scout and Nimble has a really easy to follow tutorial for anyone looking to do the same.


The overall look is very summery and airy and I’ve been really embracing the coastal vibe they give off. For the Fall I’m thinking of maybe replacing the stripe pillow with a really rich indigo velvet and maybe some darker blue curtains would be nice.


And that is the first step, a quick and easy pillow switcheroo.

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  • Jesse B

    Thanks for sharing my tutorial and I’m so glad that you liked it! It is the only way to sew pillows in my opinion…no more stressing about sewing zippers in pillows. I love the way you did that slideshow picture, too. Not sure I know how to do that, but I want to learn! You should do a tutorial! 😉

  • Maria

    It was a great tutorial Jesse! The picture is a gif it’s really easy. It’s basically 7 images strung together and saved as a gif. I did mine in Photoshop but there’s a ton of free gif makers on the internet.

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