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Inspiring Ideas: Black Window Panes



Black Window Ideas

image via HInkely Lighting

So we have this sliding glass door in the cheap oakley sunglasses kitchen that has a broken seal and we’ve been dying to replace it with a big beautiful window instead. We haven’t used that door in months and there is another sliding door leading to the deck not 10 feet away. We don’t think we’ll miss it in the least. Eventually all the windows in the house will need to be replaced. They are either old or cheap vinyl and do nothing to frame our beautiful view. Of course I keep seeing beautiful black window panes everywhere I look and I think we just might go for it. So what do you say about black windows? Timeless or trendy?

Black Window Mullions | Black Windows | Kitchen Design | Marble Countertop | Detail

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Clean Design | Large Windows | Window Door | Interior Design | Modern Architecture | Modern Detail

image via Interiors by Studio M

Black Windows | Large Windows | Window Door | Interior Design | Modern Architecture | Modern Detail

image via Feldman Architecture


image via Feldman Architecture

How to Make a Wood Tray



How to Make a Wood Tray

Hello everyone how was your holiday weekend? Can you believe Labor Day has come and gone already? Summer has flown buy way to fast.

Well last week when talking about how I like to style a coffee table.I mentioned  one of the essential pieces (in my opinion) is a gorgeous tray to help corral all of the other items and make them look like they have a purpose.  Today I thought I’d share how to make a simple wood tray for the coffee table (or anywhere really).

Wood trays are so incredibly versatile and can be kind of expensive depending on the one you buy . Building your own can be a great alternative. Bryan put 2 of those together for me one afternoon from scrap wood we had laying around. Once you see how you’ll be dying to make one for yourself.

The construction of it is really simple. It’s just a bottom piece and 4 sides. It does require a few tools though but would be a perfect beginner project for someone just starting out. Since we planned to paint it we didn’t even bother to miter the edges. But enough talk here’s how:


  • 1/2” MDF panel cut to size (we cut ours to the inside dimensions of the box which are 14” x 18”
  • 1” x 3” pine board for the side pieces
  • Assemble the pieces as shown above

Once your box is built spray with a few coats of high gloss paint for a sleek lacquer look and you have yourself a beautiful and versatile tray for your coffee table or anywhere.

Thanks to Sarah from Thrifty Decor Chick for hosting another Before and After party.

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