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One Room Challenge – Week 4 (The Living Room)




This week’s one room challenge has been more about sourcing the perfect coffee table to replace our too long one we currently have. Well let me skip to the punch line. It doesn’t exist, or at least I haven’t found it yet. Don’t misunderstand me, there are plenty of beautiful options ut usually it’s a matter of being too long, too wide, too low, too expensive and many other adjectives you can precede with too to describe the predicament.

We had a new and exciting project pop up for the Ray Ban outlet house that has us diverting most of our project money o those areas so needless to say the budget for the coffee table just went out the window.  But, I have a plan. Can you guess what it is?

image via

Yup, I’m going to build an ottoman. I think it’ll be a good interim solution and if I use some of my fabric hoarding stash I could probably complete it for very little money out of pocket. Isn’t that black and white above from One Kings Lane and the white tufted one below gorgeous?

I love the coffee table ottoman & chairs!

source unknown

One Room Challenge – Week 3 (The Living Room)



Well we’re half way through the one room challenge. Three weeks down and three more weeks to go. If you missed Week 1, go hee and for Week 2 go here to catch up. I’ve been working through pulling together by Living Room and the progress is moving right along.

The windows in our Living room have a few problems. First they’re original to the house and the fireplace that sits right up against them to the right is not and causes all kinds of awkward angles and makes the window off center in the room. We tackled most of the cMagliette Calcio A Poco Prezzo cosmetic issues with it here.” target=”_blank”>osmetic issues with it a while back. I’m not even going to go into the issues with the fireplace.  But lets just say someone decided it would be a good idea to build it right on top of 70s shag carpet (not the good kind of shag but the old gross gold kind of shag). Instead of taking the extra 5 minutes to pull it up. Next on the other side hiding underneath the curtains is a giant monstrosity of an air conditioner that’s still going strong but is ugly as all get out.


In any event I have been loving black windows for quite some time now. I wasn’t sure how’d they look on double hung windows. I mulled it over for a while, procrastinated buying the paint hung thought about it some more. Then on lunch I popped into the paint store and grabbed a quart of paint and decided it was time to stop procrastinating and just do it. Painting-Windows-Black

Honestly it was a little bit of a shock at first, sometimes my eyes need some time to adjust to big color changes and this feels pretty big but I’m really starting to fall in love with it and it’s staying. One casualty of the black windows is the white wood blinds. They do not match in the least. I think some bamboo shades will have to be purchased now.

The blue curtains that were sitting in my drawer on the other hand I’m on the fence about. What do you think? Should I stick with the white panels that I had which sort of blend into the background while hiding the air conditioner or go bold with the blue?

Next on the agenda, trying to figure out what to do about a coffee table. Hmmmm.

Thanks to Sarah from Thrifty Decor Chick for hosting another Before and After party.

One Room Challenge – Week 2




It’s week 2 of the one week challenge and I’ve done a little bit of sprucing and a whole lot of thinking.

First let’s talk about the sprucing. I’ve collected a few plants and scattered them about the house. It’s already starting to feel a bit more lush and lived in. A tall ornamental palm tree takes up some space in the corner and adds a little natural greenery. as well as a few smaller potted plants that I’ve scattered around the room. The room is really sunny and so far the plants seem to love the spot.

Second, my mom has been rearranging her house and (temporarily) loaning out some pieces of furniture. The console that you can see peaking out  from behind the sofa I snagged maglie calcio poco prezzo from her before anyone else could. It fits great behind the couch, fills up the wall space, adds a little extra storage while still providing ample space behind the couch to get to the door.


Then I got to thinking and have been really standing back and trying to figure out what’s still needed in the room, what’s not working and how I want it all to come together.  Here’s what I’ve come up with:

  • The coffee table is definitely too long for the space. I’ve been trying to find a really great new one but I’m struggle with finding something I love at a reasonable price.
  • Not sure I’m in love with the white curtains. They hide a gigantic wall AC unit that has to stay for now but I we need some color or pattern on the wall.
  • I’ve been drooling over black windows for the longest time and I think painting out the window frame black would add a lot of interest.
  • The secretary is great but I might be ready to move away from the very traditional feel of the piece and maybe go with a large scale piece of art in its place.
  • The indigo velvet fabric I ordered came and it’s to die for. I can’t wait to replace the striped pillows with velvet ones for the fall.


Finally here are some of the latest rooms that have me turning my head and drawing inspiration from.

Blue Living Room

image via zinc door

image via desire to inspire


image via Style at Home

image via Desire to Inspire

Click here if you want to start at the beginning and a special thanks to Linda from Calling it Home for setting up the One Room Challenge.

Progress on the Yard – 2013



This weekend was one of those glorious weekends where summer still lingered on until the last possible second. It was glorious. We decided to take a last minute trip to the beach and it was once of the most enjoyable weekends ever. Sometimes last minute trips are the best.

It reminded me of all the progress we’ve made on our yard by the lake and I realized I have yet to share our most recently finished projects. We’ve worked hard finishing up the odds and ends with the bulk of the construction happening last summer.


I can hardly believe it looked like this a little more than a year ago.  So many white stones which were only good for reflecting the sun at a blinding rate and creating the maglie calcio poco prezzo perfect habitat for spiders, something had to be done. This was prime real estate. One of the main reasons we bought our home.


Outside 2013014 My Dad built this stone stairway which was an amazing how it transformed the yard. It completely changed how we accessed the area and we recycled as much of the white stone as we could to make the large stairs.

Outside 2013015

As you come down the stairs to the left he built a rock wall which we filled with sun loving plants. Sedum and Zebra grass from this angle along with an apple tree and some smaller ornamental grasses fill the top portion.

Outside 2013016

Further down the path the white stones were replaced with sod and we 2 raised garden beds which housed tomatoes, string beans, cucumbers and cantaloupe. To the right we added another garden in front of the above ground pool which helps to camouflage the not so pretty parts. Some maiden grass, a few iris’ flank either side of the pool. Outside009 We desperately needed some storage here for life jackets, fishing gear and all the miscellaneous items living by the lake cause you to acquire. Bryan built the shed to house all those things and a great added bonus is at certain times of day it creates some much need shade.

Outside 2013017


Another favorite area has to be the ground level deck Bryan and my dad built along the water’s edge. I got the idea to create almost a boardwalk right in front of the lake. Originally we had only planned to make it about 6 feet wide but when we priced out the lumber difference to jump to 10 feet wide there wasn’t much of a difference so we went with the wider deck and it has worked out so well.

Outside 2013013  I can’t tell you how many barbeques clam bakes and parties we hosted over the summer right here. We love it.

Outside 2013011

But probably the best addition has all has to be the the outdoor bar they built. It’s perfect for serving up drinks, setting out a buffet for family gatherings or just sitting and relaxing.

Outside 2013005 Outside 2013004

All in all it’s been a pretty amazing transformation and there are still a few odds and end that’s need to be wrapped up but we couldn’t be happier with the results.

Thanks to Sarah from Thrifty Decor Chick for hosting another Before and After party.

Favorite Coats of the Season



Even though it still feels like summer in our little corner of the world. Think bright blue skies and 85 degree temperatures soon fall will be here to stay.

I have love hate relationship with Fall. I hate that summer is over and soon the icy winter will set but what I love is the changing leave, less humidity and that certain cozy smell. What I also love is that it’s coat season buying once again. Here in the northeast coats are a must. A fabulous coat is a Cheap Jerseys staple that can make you look polished and put together even if your a mess underneath.


Most of them are moderately priced but I one is a “if money were no object” dream item. Can you guess which one?

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